' still here' samgladiator story grian x oc

Ember was best friends with sam and taurtis. but lost their friend ship after an..........'incatent'. She hated it. soon they moved along with grian to tokyo. Later on Ember moved to.............tokyo! Witch she didnt know sam,taurtis,and grian were there so......something happend...... 0_0


7. Why do I feel this way?!

  I ran to the bath room were no one could bother me. I may of seemed like a jerk doing that cause Grian had a life...But it was cause I couldn't tell what I even felt. I was mad, sad, pissed, and well...Like I needed to kill. Kill HER! Wait... Am I-I, Y-YANDERE!? Is that why I feel so weird? It's been so long sence I ever felt like killing some one so much... "Hello?" Said a fermiler BRITISH voice. "What?" I said rudely. "Why are you so upset?" 'HE' said. "Look why don't you go have FUN with your GIRL FRIEND and leave me alone!!" "O-okay?" He said hert. I left the bath room and just went to class once the bell rang. When I saw every one come in I saw Grian and LILLY walk in I shot a 'you are gonna PAY!' look. She's dead to me and soon to every one! i can't let her have my senpai!! <3


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