' still here' samgladiator story grian x oc

Ember was best friends with sam and taurtis. but lost their friend ship after an..........'incatent'. She hated it. soon they moved along with grian to tokyo. Later on Ember moved to.............tokyo! Witch she didnt know sam,taurtis,and grian were there so......something happend...... 0_0


6. First day!

          "Who the hell is Mr.Chuppa!?" I said confused. "I don't know how to exsplane..." Hot-"OMFG, GOD DAMN IT IT'S GRIAN!" "Oops.." God damn it I just yelled that out loud! "What about me?"  Grian asked. "Nothing..." "Okay~" "Anyway class is over here." Sam said. "Okie." I walked into class and instently regreted it. "Hello class I see we have a new student today!" "Uh...Yep!" "Well why don't you introduce your self?" "Okay,well my name is Ember and I like anime and...I guess i'm a big otaku! My fave anime is corpse party and~ Oh I just randomly moved here I guess!" "Okay sit down." "K" 


        "That class is weird..." I said to Grian. "Yeah...It is weird." "What's next?" "Umm- Oh! I forgot." "Damn it grian!" "I'm sorry!" I was kinda sorry for Grian for some reson~ "Hey Grian!" Some girl with pink hair and purple tips said all cutesy to Grian. "Oh hey lilly!" "Uh...Who's this?" I asked Grian. "Oh it's my girl friend!" Instently my eye's grew tiny and I ran to the bathroom scereaming and crying...


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