' still here' samgladiator story grian x oc

Ember was best friends with sam and taurtis. but lost their friend ship after an..........'incatent'. She hated it. soon they moved along with grian to tokyo. Later on Ember moved to.............tokyo! Witch she didnt know sam,taurtis,and grian were there so......something happend...... 0_0


5. Can we be friend's? :3

"Lookcanwejustbefriend's'causeIwanttoandimissyouguy'ssooooooyeah!" "Wat" "HOW HARD IS IT TO UNDERSTAND LOOK, I JUST WANT TO BE FRIEND'S AND PUT THE PAST BEHIND US GODDAMN IT!!" "You could of just said so!" Sam said. yay. "Can you let us out now?" said hot-I mean grian said! "OKAY!" 


    "Okay this is school." "You mean the place were crazy stuff happin's and the teacher's are retard's." said hot- I MEAN GRIAN! "GODDAMNIT!" I yelled out loud. "O-kay... Anyway here is a scegwall." Said Grian handing me a paper. "What about wrasteling?!" Said Taurtis. "NO!" "Fine..." "Okay... What class is next?" "Mr.Chuppa..."


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