The Fandom Tournament

Hogwarts School is hosting the Fandom Tournament. Join characters of my own creation and real characters from other series. Including: Harry Potter, Divergent, Heroes of Olympus (Percy Jackson), Matched, Hunger Games, and Unwanteds. This is my first Movella, so it may not be the greatest, but I hope you like it!!!

P.S. This is set in Harry Potter's Fourth year at school (if you couldn't tell) :)


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Ally Hill

They're Here! 

 Aak! Its the beginning of October! The others are coming today!! I can't wait!

"Hey gals!" I call out to my fellow 3rd years. 

Morning, Al!" A tired Jordan calls out. "Why so.... Awake?"

"Why am I so awake?! Jord! Annabeth! Kelp Head! They're coming today, remember?!" 

"OMGosh! I forgot!!" Liz called out. "Is 'Lypso gonna come?!"

"No idea!" Jordan said."But I hope so! So, where is everyone coming from?"

"Jordan! Weren't you listening to Dumbledore?! Well, Camp Half-Blood and Jupiter, Chicago, Panem, the provinces, and the Glade!" I just couldn't hold in my excitement, so I just let it bubble out of me like a mug of butterbeer.

"Well, I need to get changed. Tell me if I take too long styling my hair! I don't know what to wear!" Ruby exclaimed. 

So we all disappeared to get ready. Except for Jordan. She was still in bed. So what if it was 6:00?! We need to get ready for them to come! Especially Annabeth! We have to get ready! I can hear the others asking for fashion tips, but I know exactly what to wear.

Half an hour later I step out of the common room with Jordan, arm in arm, with our matching orange shirts. Both of us had yellow princess curls cascading down our backs, though her's was a little more blond, because my yellow is a neon yellow, with orange tips. The perfectionist in me is clear through my hair. 

"You guys look....." Jules couldn't think of a word to describe us. 

"Perfect!" Liz said. I blushed, turning my grey eyes a sparkling pink. 

"Thanks, Lizzy." We almost look like twins, even though we are half-sisters through the gods. "You guys look great too! Julia, the Katniss Braid! How did you do that so perfectly?!" 

"With a little help from Liz. Her mother's magic." They both blushed. 

"It was nothing." She played down her achievement, just like her sister.

"Piper would be proud! And don't charmspeak me into thinking it's not big. This is great!" She blushed. 

"The feast!" Ruby yelled. Soon, we were rushing downstairs. 


 "It's so beautiful out!" Amanda said, twirling herself around in the sunshine. Indeed it was. The warm breeze made me want to dance too. And I was about to, but then we saw a beautiful dragon soaring above us, looking to land. 

"FESTUS!!" I cried. They were here!

"Festus? What does that mean?!" Ginny said. 

No none answered her, because me, Jordan, Liz, and Amanda were streaking down to the dragon yelling "FESTUS!!" 

Nine teenagers slid of of Festus's back. I ran up and tackled the girl with princess curls and stormy grey eyes. "Missed you! Missed you! Missed you!"

Annabeth then pushed me off her and pinned me to the ground. "Al! I missed you so much while we were away! I wish you and Jord had come with us, but oh well. Where is she anyway?" I laughed and pointed over towards Hazel. 

After Annabeth said hi to Jordan, I gave Percy a hug. "Hey, Al!" 

"Kelp Head!" I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Then I grabbed Riptide and ran toward Calypso and Leo. "Hi, 'Lypso! Leo!" I said, panting for breath.

Leo pulled the pen out of my hand and stuck it in his toolbelt. "Great to see you, Al! But... How do you live with these people!?" I looked behind us, and saw that everyone was just staring at us. 

"Oh, well! Team Leo's here to lighten things up!" Calypso laughed. "I missed you, Ally. I wish I got to see you more! Wait... Here comes Percy!" 

When Percy got to us, I turned out the pockets of my jeans, and showed him that it wasn't in my hands. I glanced at Leo. He nodded, so I kicked Percy in the shins and got on top of him. 

"OK, you win. Please just let me go." Percy said, giving up. 

"Sure thing, Kelp Head." I pulsed him onto his feet, and then judo flped him over my shoulder.

"Bravo, Al! The second time he's been judo flipped in two months. By a girl! Well, of course, Seaweed Brain has no brain, so I guess it makes sense, but even if he did have a brain, we would still outsmart him." Annabeth was very impressed. 

"Well, did you see me disarm him? That was the real fun part." Annabeth laughed and Percy choked out something. I realized I was still standing on him. Stay on your guard, Seaweed Brain." 

"OK, we should go see Dumbledore now." Rachel said. Then we all ran to Dumbledore, Leo fingering the pen. 

"OMGosh! What just happened?!" Ruby yelled. I looked over and saw Calypso laughing, Percy with a really smug smile, and Leo... Leo was covered in water. "What was that?! You guys are just laughing at this?! He burst into flames!"

"And I doused it. For Calypso's sake of course. Leo is fine. Frank is not." I looked behind me, and indeed, Frank was clutching his pouch like it was his life, which it was. If that fire burned the wood, game over. 

"Ahem." Annabeth cleared her throat and glared at all of us. I scooted up to the front with her. "I'm Annabeth Chase. We come from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. We're all really pleased to be here to have this tournament with you. And actually, we know a few of your students." Me, Jordan, Liz, Amanda, and a boy named Alek stepped up with her. "My other comrades are-"

 I wondered why Annabeth stopped, but then I saw it. A silver train rushing past. I wondered when it would stop, but it didn't. A group of nine or ten people jumped out of the moving train and ran over to our group. 

A girl with long dirty blond hair and a guy with close-cropped dark hair and strikingly dark blue eyes walked up to Dumbledore. They were holding hands. "Hello. I'm Four-" the girl jabbed him in the stomach. He sighed. "I mean Tobias." He stared pointedly at the girl as he said this.

"And I'm Tris! We're so happy to be here!" She smiled at Dumbledore, then turned and looked at us. "And you are?" 

"Annabeth Chase. Daughter of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. And this is my boyfriend, Percy." She slated at him. "Seaweed Brain..." 

"Oh! Hi! I'm Percy!" When he saw Annabeth glaring at him, he paled considerably. 

"Well, you already met mine. Boys can be-" then Four punched her in the ribs. "Ow! Four, this is NOT a good time!

" How come you can call me Four, but no one else can?! Not fair, Six." She almost burned a hole through his head. Then he jokingly pushed her into the right position to punch him.

"It's not initiation, either! You're not my instructor anymore! And you know I hate you calling me Six!" He laughed, and she rolled her eyes. She was going to kill her. 

"Need an assist?" Then Annabeth judo flipped him over her shoulder.

Then Tris got on top of his back. She started stepping in very specific spots on his back, which confused me. She stepped on the same spots the whole time, saying things like Amity" stomp. "Erudite" stomp. "Candor" stomp. "Abnegation" stomp. "And Dauntless." An extra hard jab in between his shoulder blades. He just kept laughing. "Thank you... Annabeth, was it?" She smiled at her. I gave Annabeth a high five. 

"A? Not that this isn't fun, but we have more company!" A floating metallic train came to a stop. Then a beautiful girl in a silky red dress came up beside us. "Hi! I'm Ally!" 

"I'm Cassia!" She smiled, and it was so genuine my whole head turned a jovial orange. Everyone turned and stared. Tris actually got off of Tobias. 

"Was that magic?!" Tris looked stunned. 

"Nope! I was born with it, but I can do magic!" I was very pleased to see the weramazed, not thinking I was mental. Two of the boys that came with Cassia were still staring.

"Ky, Xander!" She sounded irritated. "Stop staring at the poor girl!"

To back me up Jordan turned into a fox, Julia a phoenix, Ruby a doe, Leo summoned fire, Percy had water floating above his head, Jason summoned lightning, Hazel summoned gems from the earth, and Piper just said "We're not crazy. This is normal." Then they all calmed down. 

Wow!" Said Ky, still staring. 

"Wow," Four agreed. 

"Come on guys! Stop staring!" Tris said. Then all the girls slapped their boyfriends, no matter who it was. Annabeth got a face full of water, Calypso got a fire ball thrown at her shirt, Cassia got a peck on the cheek from Ky, and Tris... Four full on punched her in the gut. She laughed and kissed him, but she was obviously hurt.

"May I?" I said.

"Of course!" Tris smiled at me and nodded. Then I judo flipped him, into the pavement. "Thanks! Now Four, don't do that again. I could always get Marcus!" she joked. He went deadly pale, and Tris laughed again. "He's terrified of his dad!" Then she started stomping on him again. 

"Stop it, Tris!" She just laughed harder. 

"Look! More people!" Cassisaid, breaking the tension. We looked up and saw a huge ship flying overhead. 

Another beautiful girl came up with people walking behind her. The boy next to her nudged her. She ignored him. She stared straight at Annabeth. I stepped in front of her. 

"Katniss, introduce yourself!" The lady with the wasp's head nest hair said. 

"Katniss Everdeen, pleased to meet you." She made a mock bow. 

"Annabeth Chase. Pleasure." Annabeth kept staring until Katniss moved on. 

Katniss looks at Tris next, but she suddenly softens, seeing as Tris doesn't notice her, still stomping away on Tobias. She smiled. "Nice catch you got there." 

"Oh! Hi! I'mTris. This is Tobias." She smiled. 

"Four! Tris, stop it. You're almost as bad as Marcus, Six!" 

"Stop it, Four! No Six! I told you no!" Then she stomped on him once more, and hopped off. 

"I'm Peeta!" Said the boy next to Katniss. 

"Hah. So we have a type of bread, two numbers (well, one), and a root. Cool names." Annabeth sounded amused. "Oh, yeah! This is Seaweed Brain!"

"Percy. I would be happy if you did NOT call me Seaweed Brain." Nope, he can't stay calm, no matter how hard he tries. 

"You know you love it!" Annabeth laughed. Then she punched his arm. 

A girl about my age stepped out from behind Katniss. "I'm Primrose, but yoiu can call me Prim." She said.

"Hi, Prim! I'm Cassia!" Prim smiled and waved. 

"OK, let's all introduce ourselves.Annabeth Chase." 

"Percy Jackson."

"Piper McLean." 

"Jason Grace."

"Leo Flamin' Valdez!"


"Hazel Levesque."

"Frank Zhang." 

"Rachel Dare." 

"Reyna Ramirez-Arellano."

"Nico Di Angelo."

"Will Solace."

"Thalia Grace."

"Ally Hill."

"Jordan Lupin." 

"Liz Larson."

"Amanda Snape."

"Alek Cahill." 

"Tris Prior." 

"Tobias Eaton." 




"Caleb Prior."


"Rebecca Crossan."

"Cassia Reyes." 

"Ky Markham."




"Bram Reyes." 


"Katniss Everdeen."

"Peeta Mellark." 

"Prim Everdeen."


"Effie Trinket."

"Haymitch Abernathy."





"Finnick O'Dare." 

"Johanna Mason." 

"OK! Look! The last group of people!" Annabeth seemed really happy. 

Quick A/N. So I was going to do Unwanteds, but I haven't read it in so long. I'm doing to do... Well, you'll see... now. Just so you know that it wasn't always planned like this. 

Now I understand why Annabeth's happy. As I turned around, five people tumbled off an eight-legged horse. A well groomed dwarf, an elf dressed in black with a white and red striped scarf, a girl with a green headscarf and a battle ax, a girl, or was it a boy? in pink and green, and if you haven't already figured it out, Magnus Chase himself. 

"Hey, Magnus!" Annabeth said, and gave him a hug. 

"Hey, cuz! Didn't expect to see you here!" He replied. 

"I could say the same thing! Well, go talk to Percy." Then she went to talk to the other people who I figured out were Blitz, Hearth, Samirah, or Sam, and Alex, who was a girl, today. That confused me, but I'll ask about it later.

"Now that everyone's here, to the feast!" Dumbledore yelled, and we all headed off to the feast, eager to get food in our bodies, and to get acquainted with the competition. 




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