The Fandom Tournament

Hogwarts School is hosting the Fandom Tournament. Join characters of my own creation and real characters from other series. Including: Harry Potter, Divergent, Heroes of Olympus (Percy Jackson), Matched, Hunger Games, and Unwanteds. This is my first Movella, so it may not be the greatest, but I hope you like it!!!

P.S. This is set in Harry Potter's Fourth year at school (if you couldn't tell) :)


3. Chapter 3





  Chapter 3: Ruby Potter

First Day Back


       Oh wow! Yesterday was so exciting! With the tournament and all. Eek! I can't wait! 

       I woke with a start. "Hi, guys! Sorry if I acted a little crazy last night. You all know exciting things do that to me, and-"

       "And you don't need to say anymore. We've heard it a million times, Rube. That scar of yours is so famous; gets everyone in Diagonal Alley excited. 'The Girl Who Lived.' I personally think it makes you think funny." Jordan says. I wish I could be more like her: courageous, beautiful, daring, and smart. She:s the only outgoing one in our group, well, if you don't count Ginny. Ginny's the greatest nutcase in the world.

       "Rube, you coming to breakfast?!" Ally asked playfully.

       "You bet! Just let me get changed first! Don't leave without me!!" I called, whipping the curtains closed behind me as a got changed and ready for the day!


       'Where have you BEEN?!?!" I yelled at Liz and Amanda as they sat down next to us at the Gryffinclaw table. 

       "Sorry! We couldn't find you at the feast yesterday! We saw you in the common room and we followed you to the dorms, but then you fell right asleep before we could talk! We're sorry!" As she spoke, Liz's face turned pink. 

       "I'm sorry I didn't wake you up to ntalk with us, Rube, but you were tired and we all could tell." Jordan explained. 

       "Says the girl who wouldn't talk to anyone last night." Jordan blushed. "But siriusly, Rube, we're sorry." Julia said, and I knew she was sincere. 

        "Thanks, guys. But you're here now, so everyone sit." I said, gesturing them into seats next to mine. "so, are you guys putting your names into the tournament?" Amanda nodded vigourously, while Liz shook her head. 

      "That's ok, Liz. we all understand."

       "Thanks, Jules," Liz replied. 

       "Wait a second. If the tournament is this year...." Ginny sat thinking. "Then maybe....."

      "Spit it out, Gin! What is it?!" we all yelled. 

       "Yule Ball! Christmas time! Dance!" She was so excited, she could barely make a full thought. But we all got it. 

       "Oh yeah! I call Ron!" Ally exclaimed, quite quickly. 

       "Uh, huh..."

       "OMGosh! Sorry Gin! i forgot for a second..." Poor Ally, her hair turned bright purple (embarrasment/fear), but her eyes still glinted a loving pink. 

      "Do you think i care if my friends go with my brothers to a ball! I just hope you don't get hurt! I was actually thinking about..." Ginny seemed lost in thought.

       "Gosh, Gin! we all know you like him! and he's had a crush on you since he met you! Ginny this and Ginny that. it got quite annoying, actually. Not that you're annoying, he is." Ruby smiled. "I personally want Dean Thomas. Jordan?"

       "I don't know why, but i think we all like your brothers, Gin, but i am considering George."

        Ginny smirked. "Again, don't get hurt. Ginger?"

       "Cedric Diggory is cute. Probably him." She said. "Amanda?"

       "Hufflepuff. They get on my uncle's nerves, and i don't feel like going with a Gryffindor. "Jules?"

      "Well... um... i'm afraid to ask anybody... but... Fred?" Another smirk from Ginny, and an embarrased blush from Julia. "Luna?"

       "What? Nargles? Newts? Neville?" Luna was very confused, and i didn't blame her. 

       "Who are you asking to the Yule Ball?" Jordan sighed in exasperation. 

       "Neville? I honestly don't know, but he's sweet and kind." Luna said. (AN: My only ship couple that didn't come true! I love them together!) I do believe that they are cute together. (ANOTHER AN: Just like Frank and Hazel!)

      "No idea. Don't ask, because i don't know who to ask. So drop it." Liz obviously didn't want to talk about it, but i'm going to push the limit. 

       "You sure, Lizzy? You are POSITIVE you aren't hiding anything?"

        "Nope. Not hiding ANYTHING. Why wouldn't i tell you! Everyone else told, even if it was embarassing. Simple as that," Liz stated matter-of-factly. 

       "Now THAT'S my Liz. So now, let's eat!" Jordan said. Everyone nodded and dug in. 


        Too soon, Professor McGonnagol was handing out schedules. "Double Potions?! On the FIRST day back?! What a cruel world this is." Amanda was furious, her hair almost about to smoke.

       Liz rolled her eyes. "Along with that happy excursion, we have History of Magic, Charms, Divination, and Care of Magical Creatures. Wow. 

      "What an exciting first day it shall be." The sarcasm was clear in my voice. we all burst into fits of laughter. I saw Snape staring at us strangely, and i just laughed even harder. 

      "Well, this is great, but i'm still hungry!" then Jordan went back to eating her food.

       We all laughed evn harder. The flaming orange of pure joy in Ally's hair was a beautiful sight to behold. "That's more of a flame than Ginny's!" Amanda giggled. "Are you competing now?" The tips of Ally's hair turned a dark, dark, angry red, but the orange was still very visible at the top. 

     "And, Ally is the winner!" Julia yelled. "But wait, Ginny's putting up a fight! her ears are smoking! Hey, hey, hey, Al! Don't give me the 'Green Devil Stare!' " indeed, Ally's eyes were a vivid, envious green, but her hair was an orange-pinkish. 

      "Hey, Jord! Any comments, or is your food craving getting to you again?' Liz joked. "Now don't give me the "Jordan Devil Stare!" i didn't mean to offend you! Go back to your peaceful eating!" Jordan shrugged, and went back to wolfing down her fifth portion of breakfast. "Hey Ginger, you still here? oh, please, please, please don't go Malfoy family on me!" she begged.

       " here! No, I promise i won't go Draco on you. Or Ginny's brothers. or any brothers for that matter." Ginger said. "Well, if i had to be a brother, then I  would be Harry. That would be the safest bet. but let's not go anybody's brother anyway." 

       "Agreed!!" We all yelled. 

     "Don't rouse Jordan again!" piped the serene voice of Luna. 

     "Good Morning, Luna! Glad to see you're awake!" I said. 

      "Morning! did you see the article about animagus classes?" Luna sounded excited. 

      "I did indeed! I wish I was one!" Amanda cried. 

      "Animagus classes?" Ally asked.

      "Animagus and Other Magical Cases Classes! Meaning you get to be there!" Liz explained. 

     "YAY! That and Quidditch! This is going to be a great year!" Ally bubbled. 

     "Quidditch! I almost forgot! When are tryouts?!' Jordan buzzed. "I'm so excited! Maybe one of us besides Ruby will make the team this year!" My face flushed.

    'Don't be embarrased, Rube!, you're the best Chaser the school has ever seen!" Ginger said. "And, Jord. You have been listening! i knew we were interesting enought for Jordan Mooney Lupin." 

       "She's more exciting when she's not hungry." Julia said, surpressing a laugh. 

      "Totally! But... when is she not hungry?!"I exclaimed.

      "Never!" Ally laughed. 

      We ate in peace for the rest of breakfast. as we trudged down to the dungeons for Double Potions, our spirits sank. I knew for sure we would have a dull, boring lecture on potion-making, and Snape would award so many points to Slytherin, and dock about double that from Gryffinclaw.

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