The Fandom Tournament

Hogwarts School is hosting the Fandom Tournament. Join characters of my own creation and real characters from other series. Including: Harry Potter, Divergent, Heroes of Olympus (Percy Jackson), Matched, Hunger Games, and Unwanteds. This is my first Movella, so it may not be the greatest, but I hope you like it!!!

P.S. This is set in Harry Potter's Fourth year at school (if you couldn't tell) :)


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Jordan Lupin

The Announcement


       Over the hum of the engine i could hear the thundering voice of Hagrid beckoning the first years to him and the boats. "Firs' years, over here!"

​       We headed towards a carriage, and as we got close to it, I went to pet the shiny black horses. They all gave me quizzical looks, except for Ruby and Luna; they were smiling. "What are you doing?" Ally asked.

       "She's petting the horses, obviously." Ruby smiled as she said it.

      "How come I can't see them?" exclaimed Ginny angrily.

​       "Because they're threstals. only people who have experienced death can see them." Luna's serene voice washed over us, making us feel relaxed. 

      "OK, let's go!" Julia said, so we hopped onto the carriage to Hogwarts.

      "Woah." The view of Hogwarts never ceases to amaze us. Soon, we're jumping off the carriage and dashing to the school. 


       We all jump into seats in the Great Hall. Recently, the Sorting Hat has been making up new houses according to the students attributes. So not only do we have the original houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, we also have Gryffinclaw, Gryffinpuff, Ravenpuff, Slytherdor, Slytherclaw, and Slytherpuff. All of my friends inhabit Gryffinclaw with me.

       "I have a lot to say, but first, let's eat!" the voice of Albus Dumbledore, our Headmaster was amplified so that everyone around the hall could hear him.

       I spaced out for a few seconds until I realized that food was on our table. I didn't know until now how hungry I am.  I jumped up and started to fill my plate. My father, Remus Lupin, tries to cook,but he's not the best chef. My godfather, Sirus Black, doesn't have the best cooking skills either. I mostly only eat chocolate, because that's something we NEVER run out of in our house. My father is a werewolf, and for some reason, chocolate makes him feel better. I personally think that's completely inane, but what do I know. All I can think about right now is the heavenly food. Before Luna had even filled up her plate, I was done with two servings. 

       "Woah, there! Slow down, Jord!" There, standing behind me was my best friend, Ginger. 

       "Ginger!" I whooped with joy. Then I started scolding her. "Why weren't you on the train with us?"

       "Why so Sirius, Jord?" She laughed at her little joke. "I had to sit with my brother. You know how my father is.  Anyhoo..." she says, sitting down next to me, "Is your dad teaching again? I had SO much fun last year in his class!"

       "Nope!" I said happily. He needs his time off. "We get a totally, so much better teacher!" I winked at Julia. "You want to tell her?" I asked, grinning.

       "Of course! Ginger, I can't believe you haven't heard! It was all over 'The Daily Prophet!' You're dad must be angry! Look at the staff table!" She was grinning from ear to ear.

       "Oh My Gosh! Why didn't anyone tell me!?" She seemed so excited, I couldn't help but start laughing and smiling like crazy with them. 

       "I'm sorry to break up this happy conversation, but who is your brother, Ginger? That was probably the stupidest question ever. Sorry." Ginny asked.

       "It's OK. Three hints. One: He is the biggest snob in the world. Two: His hair is almost white. Three: He is the arch enemy of Ruby's brother. Well... besides Volde-" she started.

       "DON'T say that name. please." Ally's hair was lit up purple, so we didn't want to keep talking. Not even me.

       But Julia did. "It's OK. I don't like him either. But as Dumbledore always says, 'Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.' Got that?" She gave a trembling nod, and then her hair turned back to a happy shade of pink. 

       "Uh oh. Don't look now, but someone's staring at you, Ginny." Ginny whipped her head around in a hurry. Just as I said, Jonah from Slytherpuff was staring squarely at her.

       "Urgh! The nerve of that kid! I'm only a third year1 Get away!" she shouted at him. I could see her ears turning red, almost as red as Ally's hair. Redder than her own hair. "I don't want anything to do with fifth year boys!" 

      "Agreed!" we all answered in unison.

       Then, Dumbledore re-magnified his voice to fill the Great Hall again. "Welcome to a brand new and exciting school year here at Hogwarts! I expect you all had wonderful vacations, and that you are excited to be back. First, I would like to recognize our brand new member of the staff. To fill the Defense Against the Dark Arts position, we have Sirus Black!" The crowd clapped wildley. Whoops and hollers could be heard especially in the Gryffinclaw section. "Now, listen closely. This year is very special. Every hundred years, magical places get together for a tournament, specifically the Fandom Tournament. And this year, Hogwarts has the privilege of hosting it!" More cheers ran throughout the hall. "Each place will submit contestants from their realm or world to compete in these challenges. More information about this event will be coming when the others arrive in October. Now, you all need a good night's rest. Goodnight, and we shall see you tomorrow!"

         As we walked towards Gryffinclaw tower, people chatted anxiously about the tournament. "Are you guys putting your names in?" I asked nervously. Everyone nodded. "Good, me too."

       "We're all in this together!!" Ruby screamed.

       "I knew someone had too many bowls of pudding!" Julia whispered. We all burst out laughing.

       "Time for bed!" Ally agreed, her hair glowing orange with joy. 

       "Totally," giggled Ginny.    






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