Anything for You

All love and feeling growing for each other read and find out this cute relationship but like has its ups and downs


7. Work and Family Issues

I am working today. Its Monday morning at Mercy Health my job. I was a RN and I made pretty good money. The morning wasn't too busy and the noon hour wasn't really either. Until around 3 a clock p.m. I worked from 8 to 4 unless tied up with a patient at 4 in need of help. A stretcher came barreling through blood all over. A man laid there looking a little out of it and a lot freaked out. The man had been shot twice. Once in the arm once in the thigh area. He had fallen back onto a curb and broke his sacrum a bone connected to the spine near the end between your hips. He had some bruises and scratches but after 2 hours I had finished my job, I got home later around 6:30 got a shower cleaned a little payed some bills blah blah blah. Texted Catherine and Michael until I got a call. It was from my mother and she said this.

"Hey honey....... I uhh...have a little news" she said pretty sadly

"Hi mom.....tell me what is it?" I say with a bit of concern

"Your father........he has had a heart attack and has passed away last night honey" she says in what sounded like tears

" no h-he cant be" I croak out bursting into tears.

Soon after the phone call I cry to myself. I think why didn't I see him that night even though it was raining. I told Michael and he said he was coming to see me tomorrow for some comfort I feel I needed. I head off to bed not getting much sleep but just laying in the dark thinking with Randoff laying at the end of my bed sleeping softly.

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