Anything for You

All love and feeling growing for each other read and find out this cute relationship but like has its ups and downs


2. Sneaking Out



It was now around 11 pm when she opened her window.

"Here hold this" she said shoving her purse at me as I held it

"Hurry up before she wakes up" I reply in a little bit of a hurried way

She had finally got the window ready to sneak out of and we did I went first and jumped down hitting the ground falling onto my knees. I will admit it was a little bit of a far jump . Soon after she jumped down out of the window not shutting it and leaving a rope made of shirts so we could sneak back in. We could use the doors if they didn't creak as opening as well as the floors when you walked. It was cooler than I thought when we got out there so I slipped on my flannel but it was pretty thin. Walking through the woods we start to see a faint light in the distance along with my style of music.

" you hear that..O-or see that" I say quietly.

"Yeah.......there out tonight" she replied quietly back.

We try to sneak but I step on a regretful twig making noise blowing off our position.

"AYE BOYS.....SOMEONE IS IN THE WOODS" a curly haired Aussie boy yells.

And at that moment they found us and Catherine was right..... Damn they were hot.

"Hello there" a boy with red hair said with a smile "I'm Micheal" he says with a wave.

My eyes got lost in his......he was so....just so perfect

"H-hello" I croak out as Catherine goes to another boy who says

"Hi my name is Luke" Catherine says "why hello" with her intimidating smirk.


HEYY guys i hope you like this so far I know this one is kinnnddaaa short but I have been tree ally busy tonight with all my stuff update soon👍😀😘

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