Anything for You

All love and feeling growing for each other read and find out this cute relationship but like has its ups and downs


8. Sadness and Overwhelmed



Its the next day I'm still upset....... Well very upset about what had happened last night. Thoughts rush through my head like who cares if its raining who cares if it was an hour away you had your last chance and now........... Now he's gone. My whole body was worn down from no sleep and depression. I put some mascara on and my hair in a lousy ponytail. I walk downstairs to the living room and fill Randoff's food bowl. I didn't want to do anything or go anywhere today. Waiting on Michael to come over i sit on the couch and turn on the TV. Makes the room a little less quiet and helps me take my mind off i few things. Soon Michael arrives and we snuggle watching a movie. He kept telling me everything is gonna be ok or it's ok I promise. I felt nice hearing those words if I'm honest.

A couple hours later he had left. I get dressed and get my stuff and drive to my moms house. We were gonna talk about everything about my dad and I'm guessing the funeral too.


GUYYSSSS I'm so sorry I have had so much going on and ik this is so short but I'm working on it I swear we had family emergencies but ily and I hope you like it.

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