Anything for You

All love and feeling growing for each other read and find out this cute relationship but like has its ups and downs


1. Regular Days...



Its July 23 a nice summer day. Only I wasn't enjoying this day rather sitting in my room on my phone blaring Bring Me The Horizons song Drown. An oldie but goodie as my mom would call it. A knock suddenly at my door with the voice of my brother saying

"Hey uhh..... Alex dinner is ready"

"Be there in a sec" I reply rolling off my bed turning off the music opening the door.

I gallop down the stairs behind Eden my brother I was staying the weekend with my mom it was the last day I was staying with her before I went back to my home about 20 minutes away. I walk into the dining room. There mom sat with a bowl of mashed potatoes a plate of chicken and another bowl filled of corn. I grab a plate filling it with all three selections a good portioned size of them too. The dinner table quite quiet tonight which was a little strange knowing that mom always had a story from her job each day. Shortly after finishing I trot up to my room again and pack a bag. My best friend was picking me up this Friday night for a sleepover which we always had fun no doubt but she always wanted to do troublesome things.

___________________hour later________ _______ Her mom pulled into the driveway of catherine my best friends house. It was a fairly good sized house with a well kept garden of roses in the front yard. We walked into her room which had posters of One Direction and Justin Bieber all over the walls along with her neonish purple coloured king sized bed. Just her lamp on and radio playing Justin Bieber on low her curtains closed.

"What do you wanna do?" She said perky "ohh lets sneak out I know where these cute boys hang out in the nearby woods" she says quietly but loud enough for me to hear.

"Uhh......really I don't know if thats a go-" she cuts me off

"It will be fiiinee don't be a scaredy cat geez let up a bit" she says in a tone of I'm a lame person "pleassseee just this once" she says she never fails to persuade me

"Fine just this once.....but what time?" I ask questionably

"My mom goes to bed around 10 or 10:30 so around 11 will be good" she says once again quietly but loud enough for me to hear.

We get all ready and pretty for the supposably "hot guys". I put on my eyeliner along with the mascara foundation lipstick and all that. I wear my black ripped skinny jeans with my black tank top and a red and black flannel tied around my waist. I slip on my black and white hightop converse and put my hair into the perfect messy bun. Tonight was just a fun night...... Right?


I hope you guys like it so far!!!! Omg so many ideas for this i will update all i can mostly on weekends😘😘

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