Anything for You

All love and feeling growing for each other read and find out this cute relationship but like has its ups and downs


3. Getting to Know



So me and Michael get along really well after all. We have some things in common like we love the same bands and do the same things blah blah blah. I really like him and.......I think he is starting if he hasn't already noticing that I do. But........but I cant fall for him its going to be the same as last time with Chris. His name Christopher Jones he is known around our town. From the fights he pulls to the drugs and crimes he does........ We will just say he is all around a bad guy. And abusive guy especially to women. I let out a sigh and Michael looks up at me.

"Uhh.....Alex right?" He questions me.

"Yeah or Alexandria but...Alex is better" I reply quietly.

"Alex..... What's did you sigh" he says with concern in his voice.

"I-its nothing...honestly" I reply softly

"Something is bothering you Alex please just tell me you can trust me with secrets I-I wont tell" he says trying to get me to tell.

"J-just my ex...I thought about him I am fine"

"Alex what happened" he says in a begging way.

"He abused me.....I-I would come home and he would yell in my face. A and he would hit me or slam me against something. You would know the name Michael everyone knows him. He spit on me and hit me would demand money whenever he needed it and I couldn't go out with anyone. I would have to lie about my bruises or cuts." I say tearing up.

"It caused me to get caused me to cut m-myself I hated myself all his rude comments I thought they were true" I say crying now

"Come here" he says opening his arms.

I lay I'm his arms as he wipes away my tears that fall. He comforted me and I really needed it. I honestly think I'm falling for him maybe.....he isn't like Chris.

"What was his name?" Michael questions softly

"C-Chris........Christopher Jones" I reply shaky

"He lived on my street as a kid but I was told to stay away and I'm glad I did seeing and hearing him always on the news for shit" Michael tells me

"W-wow" I reply

Soon catherine comes over to me and Michael making awing and kissing noises to him and I. We got each others numbers and texted each other saving the numbers and then we headed home. I really didn't want to leave but I'm glad I got his number. He will get a text tomorrow.


HEYYY I hope you guys are getting into this im getting addicted to making more and more!! Trying not to get ahead of myself LOL update soon😘😍

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