My Life That I chose!

Crystal Waters, Chloe Brown and Laila Morgan are all going to Woodwind College! Crystal left home because of a fire that she was accused of, Chloe was banished from her land by thievery and Laila, framed for being a suspect of stealing 600 pieces of gold! These 3 girls want to make sure that they aren't convicts or criminals decided to start from the beginning.


2. 1

Journal Blog #01

Crystal, Chloe and Laila all walk into the grounds of Woodwind College, looking at the 4 Towers. "There is 4 Towers, North, East, South and West, North is for honesty, East is for smarts, South is for the cunning and West is for the nice." Crystal explained, "My brother went here." All the girls looked at the 4 towers, determined to get into one, "Hurry up, I want to know whose in what! The girls all rushed into the huge hall and took their seats at the front row. "Welcome First years, to Woodwind College!" The Headmistress announced, "I'm Cierra Wallace" A girl near them whispered to Chloe. "Brown, Chloe," Chloe replied back, "I am Miss. Evans, the headmistress! We will sort you now!" Miss Evans introduced. "Go In order, from the beginning,"

"Holly Smith, framed for hurting a cat when I was helping the kittens." 


It kept going and going and going, finally it reached Crystal.

"Crystal Waters, accused of setting alight a fire." Crystal greeted, respectfully.


Everyone clapped.

"Laila Morgan, framed of stealing 600 pieces of gold." Laila greeted, smartly.


Crystal and Laila both hugged each other and left to their towers.

"Chloe Brown, banished from thievery," Chloe introduced herself.

"Um... SOUTH!" 

"Cierra Wallace, took a vase from a museum that was from 1787,"
Cierra and Chloe hugged each other and rushed off to their towers, forgetting Laila and Crystal. 

"You robbed a museum?!" Chloe asked, proudly! "Why? 1787?" "Back in my town things that were old were really expensive." Cierra explained. "You?!" "Stole a horse, food, jacket and things like that and robbing exactly 6 798 homes." Chloe replied. "It was boring in my place." putting their pj's on they tucked into the beds and slept like nobody was listening.  

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