Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


9. 9

Chapter Nine Niall’s P.O.V.

    Me and Rena explained what had happened over the course of thirty minutes. We kept switching off and on who was talking and who wasn’t. Everyone was listening intently and they had all lounged back at the end.

    “So yeah.” Rena finished. Pushing a piece of hair over her shoulder she sat back and hugged her penguin. I smiled a little and noticed that we missed a little piece of the situation.

    “Also, there were people, taking pictures of us. There was paparazzi.” My smiled dropped and I had a stern face.

    “Wait, did you say you chased each other around?” Liam asked sitting up a little. Rena nodded. “Oh, gosh, now they are going to think that Niall’s girlfriend is Rena.”

    “So?” Anastazie asked. “They have an interview in a few days, and I heard that the interviewer is going to ask who is single or not, and we can clear it up then.” We nodded at her plan.

    “Well I think we should get ready. We have about a hour to get ready and out of here.” Harry said. We all stood up, and left to our rooms. Anastazie and Rena sat and talked for a while, they weren’t going to go. They were probably going to talk about makeup and girls stuff.

    I grabbed my outfit for today and quickly changed into it. I also did my daily routine and exited the bathroom with about half an hour left. Rena was still talking to Anastazie when I entered the small living room and they weren’t talking about anything makeup or girly stuff like that.

    Rena noticed me and stopped talking right in the middle of her sentence. “You’re fast.” She said.

    “I don’t need as much time as the others.” I replied quickly. Then as she opened her mouth to say something there was a knock at the door. Rena and I raced to get there, but unfortunately she got there first and opened the door to reveal Louis and Liam standing there.

    “Ready.” Louis announced jumped a little bit. Liam placed his hands on his shoulders and pushed him through the doorway. They both took their seats on the floor and Rena sat back down on the couch next to Anastazie. I stood for a while just zoning out and into the conversations and then another knock came at the door. This time Rena was in a conversation so she didn’t race me.

    I opened it and Zayn and Harry were standing ready. “We should go guys!” I yelled over my shoulder. Everyone, except Anastazie and Rena, stood up and ran over to us. Finally, we got out and went to the elevator. The others were talking about songs and notes or something like that while I was over in the corner of the elevator just keeping to myself.

    Everyone got out and we ran off to the limo which was taking us to the soundcheck. We got in one by one and they drove us off. We arrived, me still staying away from the others. I sat down on the couch and thought for a while. Then I was called off to join the others.


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