Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


6. 6

Chapter Six Anastazie’s P.O.V.

    “Okay, which of the boys do you think is the cutest?” I blurted out. I watched as her face turned red and she looked at her hands. She played with her hands for a while before I had a solution. “You can whisper it to me. So none of the boys hear it.” I said.

    Her head tilted up and she nodded. She crawled over to me and whispered a short, “Niall” in my ear.

    I nodded and she returned back to her seat. “Did any of you hear that?” I asked. All of them shook their heads rapidly and I grinned. “Good. Now we should get some sleep, tomorrow you have to go and do a sound check.”

    All of the boys slowly nodded, said their goodnights and went off to bed. Niall just walked off to the bathroom with his clothes and his toiletries. I told Rena to change in the bedroom and so I could get ready here.

    I pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a band t-shirt because I’m lazy and waited for the other two. I slid my phone in my back pocket just in case. Next Niall came out with just sweatpants on. Finally Rena came out with a cute lion onesie on which I awed at. She looked so good in.

    “C’mon you could have dressed up a little nicer, Rena!” Niall exclaimed. I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not but Rena could tell.

    “You’re lying, you like how I look, and you adore this onesie.” She blankly said while staring at Niall.

    His eyes went wide and he stared back at Rena. “How did you know that?” He asked, kind of sounding scared and surprised.

    “You looked over to the left and you moved your right hand while you were thinking about what to say.” She explained like this wasn’t weird. “Stop staring at me.”

    “Nope! You are weird.” Niall said. He stopped moving and thought for a moment. “Sleepover!” He yelled and started to giggle like a little girl. Rena chuckled and started to jump around.

    “Yeah, let’s make a fort and watch a movie!” She said. I laughed and nodded. We all ran into the bedroom with the two beds and pulled apart the sheets and brought them into the living room thing. Rena started barking orders and Niall answered them like a soldier while I was laughing really hard and watching them.

    We-they-were finished in about three minutes and we climbed in. It was quite big, it fit all of us and it could fit two more people. Niall lied down in the middle of us and turned on the television, turning it to Pitch Perfect. Rena plopped down on the right on Niall and I was on the left.

    We sat there and watched Pitch Perfect for a while.

When the movie ended I looked over at Niall and Rena and noticed that they were both sleeping. Rena had snuggled into Niall’s side and he wrapped his arms around her. I just had to take a picture of this, and bug them about it in the morning.

I pulled out my phone and quickly snapped a picture before one of them woke up. Then I decided that I wasn’t tired and carefully climbed out of the fort. I went to the fridge and when I opened I remembered that we were in a hotel and there wasn’t any food. So with that I grabbed my small wallet and walked out of the door, being very careful to shut it slowly and quietly.


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