Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


3. 3

Chapter Three Rena’s P.O.V.

    “Where to?” Philip asked. I glanced over at the digital clock and noticed that there was some time for me to just look around or do something.

    “Can we look around town? I want to look for something to wear, other than your clothes.” I suggested. Danny nodded and she directed Philip, who was driving, to a nearby clothing store. Inside there were so many different women’s clothing styles.

    Danny allowed me to get a hat, because it would be sunny, so I picked up a very cool snapback. I turned to see Danny finding something for herself so I went over to her and showed her what I had.

    “Can I get it?” I asked like a little kid, obviously joking. She nodded and handed me a ten dollar bill. I took it to the register and paid for it. When I was finished I shoved it on my head and pretended to be all gangster in front of Philip which made him burst out laughing.

    Danny came over to us, carrying two bags, and handed me one of them.

    “Also for you. I memorized what you kind of were wearing on the first day and your size and I got what looked good on you.” She smiled and I looked in the bag.

    I didn’t get a good view of what was in there because everything was all jumbled up into a ball. We thanked the cashier and got back into the car. Philip drove us the rest of the way, and may I say this rest of the car ride was deadly silent. It was like if we said something we would get shot or arrested.

    Philip stopped in front of the airport and motioned for Danny and me to get out.

    “I am not going in there.” He yelled out of the window as I picked up my small suitcase and carried it away. Danny followed, holding the bag of clothes that I just bought.

    We got my ticket and went through security in less that thirty minutes. Danny, who was silent the whole time, finally spoke to me.

    “Okay, the plane leaves in,” she glanced at her watch, “ten minutes, so bye.” She walked off, but I didn’t let her leave.

    “Why are you both like this?” I asked her. She whipped around and glanced at me for a second.

    “We cannot waste precious time, so it is nicer to have less people to look after. That is why Philip didn’t come in here.”

    “Flight 342 now boarding.” A woman’s voice echoed through the building.

    “I should go.” I pointed my finger behind me and we parted. I handed my ticket to the woman, she checked it and motioned for me to go in.

    I didn’t look back, Danny wasn’t going to be waiting for me. I kept on walking forward to my seat. Gladly it was a window seat so I sat down and waited silently. A few minutes later an old woman and who I guessed was her husband sat next to me. Both of them smiled at me and nodded nicely.

    “How are you today?” The woman asked.

    “Good.” I answered and turned to look out of the window.

    “I’m Viola and this is Jim.” She introduced herself, making me face her again.

    I pulled on a fake smile and answered. “Rena.”

    “What brings you to Minnesota, Rena?” She came in right before I had a chance to turn back around to the window.

    “Going to meet some friends.” I lied. She smiled and finally let me turn around. Before I knew it the plane was off of the ground and everyone was either peacefully sleeping, like Viola and Jim, or reading a book or on their devices.

    And after a few minutes I was like Viola and Jim, fast asleep and peaceful.


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