Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


20. 20

Chapter Twenty Third Person P.O.V.

    Rena and Niall happily went on more dates. They got more used to being together in public, and them dating got out to everyone. Most people were happy, but there were also some people who denied that they were together. Finally after a while, Niall did ask her to be his girlfriend and obviously she said yes.

    As for Anastazie, she and Louis figured out that they did like each other, but when they did try to date, it didn’t end out good. They found out that they did like each other, but they weren’t compatible for each other. After a while of trying, they ended it, saying that they would stay friends.

    When the tour ended Niall and Anastazie did go with Rena, not wanting to risk going with Mikael. She brought them both back to Danny, who went crazy when Niall told her that he was different too.

    Rena lead the others to fight crime, help detectives, recruit more people that were also different, and even defeat Mikael and his bosses. Niall and Rena worked together most of the time, with Rena being able to tell if someone was lying and Niall being able to read someone’s mind, they were almost unstoppable.

    Then one day three years later Niall fell even more in love with Rena, and he proposed. Rena said yes, and they married in the winter. After that, they did split off from Danny and the others and moved to London, where they found a great house. While there they had two children. Gayle, their eldest, could make force field with his mind, and he went on to help the army. Hazel, who came two years after Gayle, could teleport, or jump as they called it. She went on to be a spy, a good spy; she helped detectives, secret service agents and even the president.

    After that you could just say that Niall and Rena lived happily ever after. Or if you are weird you can say they lived til’ they were old and died, while sleeping.

The End!!!!!


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