Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


15. 15

Chapter Fifteen Rena’s P.O.V.

    I woke up when the sun decided to shine right on my face. I turned to the window, to see that Niall was there, and he had just opened it.

    “Thanks,” I sarcastically said, “I needed to wake up right now.” He turned around and smirked at me.

    I shoved the blanket over my head.

    “Wake up! Anastazie and the others are already downstairs!” He said while hopping up and down around me. I shook my head, only to have Niall rip the blankets out of my grasp and leave me cold.

    I shivered as Niall picked my body up and carried me to the bathroom. Niall set me down on the freezing toilet and left me there. I yelled after him and grabbed the outfit that I guessed Anastazie had set out for me. I pulled it on and walked out, to find a fully clothed Niall waiting for me.

    “Let’s go.” He hopped out of the room, while shutting off the lights, and out into the hallway. I followed, much slower though, him to the elevator. When I got in, the doors shut and we started to head down. Niall stared at the number that told us what floor we were on, when it suddenly stopped and we were stuck.

    Niall reached over and rapidly pressed the open door button. When the doors didn’t open I freaked out. Claustrophobia, don’t do this to me. I backed up into the corner and slowly slid down to a sitting position. The walls seemed to be closing in on me and Niall. My breathing got heavy and my vision blurred for a little bit.

    Niall on the other hand seemed just fine, but a little panicked, and he seemed to be trying to call someone.

    “No cell service.” He said looking at me, but when he turned his face washed over with sadness. He noticed that I didn’t feel right, and he rushed to my side. “It’s okay, Rena, just calm down. I’m right here.” He cooed. It seemed to help me a little, which made my breathing return to normal and my vision was perfectly fine again.

    I looked up at him and smiled, he cared about me a little, I could read his face right now. His face was now full of compassion. I giggled and his emotions went from compassionate to confused.

    “What?” He asked completely confused.

    “You care about me.” I joked chanting at him.

    He blushed a lot and stood up away from me. He went back to the wall of buttons and pressed all of them, running his hands over them all.

    “Stop.” I demanded, my head spinning again since he left me. “Please, we just need to be calm, and sit here til’ someone gets here. They should be coming soon.”

    “Okay I’m calm.” He lied.

    “Don’t lie to me Niall. Remember I can see right through your straight face and even voice.” I said to him.

    “Okay, now I’m calm.” He wasn’t lying this time. Niall sat down next to me and side hugged me. “Are you calm?” He asked, turning to me.

    “No, my head is spinning.” I honestly said. He turned away from me, probably to think of what to do.

    “Are you going to be okay after this?” Then he turned to me, and put his lips on mine, sending sparks through my body. We sat there for a moment, just like that, when the doors opened. I don’t think that either of us noticed that the elevator moved down to the first floor.

    I turned to the doors and noticed the other boys and Anastazie were there. Louis and Harry were laughing, Liam and Anastazie looked surprised and Zayn looked like he knew that this was going to happen.

    “Let’s go, we’re going to be late.” Anastazie snapped out of her surprised state and yanked me and Niall to the limo. Niall and I sat all of the way there in silence, while everyone else was in a big conversation. We arrived, got backstage put a little bit of makeup on the boys, so they look good for all of those screaming girls out there.

    They went onto stage and began the concert. Now I had time to think about what happened earlier. Niall Horan kissed me, while in the elevator, after he lied to me about being calm, and when my head was already spinning. Now my head was really spinning, thinking about all of these things.

    “Are you alright?” Anastazie asked, waving her hands in front of my eyes. I nodded and sat down on one of the chars.

    “Yeah, just thinking.”
    “About you and Niall, kissing in the elevator. What happened anyway?” She asked, sitting in the chair next to me.

    “Well, we were going down in the elevator, when it stopped and we got stuck in. Then I got claustrophobic, and Niall helped me. Then I teased him for caring about me, and he got up and tried ALL of the buttons, and I mean all of them. He just ran his hands down them. I told him to stop because my head was spinning, and I was getting dizzy. Then when he stopped I asked him if he was okay, and he lied saying he was. Then I told him to tell the truth, which he did, and then he sat down next to me. He asked me if I was calm, and I said that I wasn’t and my head was spinning. And I remember him saying, are you going to be okay after this, or something like that, and he just kissed me!” I threw my hands up in the air and dropped them by my sides right away.

    “So you guys just had a scene from one of those sappy romantic movies?” Anastazie asked me, jumping around. “I’ve always wanted one of those!”

    “Well, that was my first ever sappy romantic movie scenes in real life.”


    And my first ever kiss. Ever.


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