Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


13. 13

Chapter Thirteen Niall’s P.O.V.

    “Show us your powers.” Zayn demanded. The girls nodded and we all got out of the pool.

    “Anastazie go first.” Rena said. Anastazie set her phone down in the center of the table and we watched as she got into her stance. We all watched as the phone flipped and shook. Finally she shifted and the phone started to levitate.

    “Woah!” Most of us said, even Rena was fascinated.

    “Your turn.” Liam said pointing to Rena.

    “Tell me something and I’ll say if you are lying or not.” I walked up to her and looked her straight in the eyes.

    “Liam loves spoons.” I lied, keeping a straight face.

    She shook her head and laughed. “Lie. That’s a lie.” I looked around and saw everyone’s mouth open in shock. “See, we are different.”

    “Good. Why did you keep that a secret?” Harry asked.

    “You could have taken it worse. You could have beaten us, kill us or give away our secret, then other people could have hurt us.” Anastazie said.

    “What are you going to do now?” I asked them.

    “We are going back to my friend after the tour.” Rena said.

    I noticed Liam looking over at something. “We should get going. It’s almost nine o’clock.” He explained.

    We nodded and dried off quickly before we headed to the elevator. Rena and Anastazie were silent the whole way to our room, and I wasn’t going to question them about anything. I opened the door for them and they still didn’t talk.

    I watched as they separated and changed in the bathroom and bedroom. They came out and I changed quickly. Both of them still stayed silent and I was ready to yell or something.

    “Are you guy going to talk or not?” I asked, about to explode.

    “Nope.” Rena replied, popping the ‘p.’ She didn’t turn and look at me.


    “I don’t know.” She shrugged and finally turned around.

    “Ha you’re talking!” I jumped around crazily and Rena giggled at me. “Can we watch a movie?” I asked like a little kid once I calmed down a bit.

    Rena nodded and we raced towards the remote. She got there first and turned it on Finding Nemo.

    “Not this.” I complained. “Something less child like.”

    “You were just a child a second ago and now you are a grown up.” She said. “So we are watching Finding Nemo because of the way you were acting. And we can’t do this because I think Anastazie is sleeping and you have to go perform tomorrow at two. Let’s get some sleep.”

    “Finding Nemo!” I said and hopped into the part of the fort that was still up.

    Rena pressed play and followed me in, making sure that she was farther away from me for some reason.

    “Why are you far away?” I questioned.

    “Remember what happened last time?” I nodded and noticed something to my left. Rena’s penguin was peeking out of the side of the fort.

    I grasped it and pulled it out, making the fort shake and shift around. Rena jumped a little bit and I apologized.

    “Here you go.” I placed it on her and she squeezed it. I watched as her eyes slowly shut and she was almost asleep. “Goodnight Rena.”

    When I could hear her soft snoring I placed my head down and ended up falling asleep myself.


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