Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


12. 12

Chapter Twelve Rena’s P.O.V.

    Anastazie and I both found our seats on lounge chairs and watched as the boys splashed around in the pool and in the hot tub. Then I noticed them all form some kind of meeting and then walk over to us, wearing evil smirks on their faces. I squeaked and hopped up, leaving Louis and Harry to lift her off of the chair and drag her to the pool.

    I heard a splash as I fast walked around the pool, being safe. Niall caught up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off of the ground. I was about to scream bloody murder but I decided against it and tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

    Finally, right before he was going to throw me in, I got away and ran out of the room. Niall obviously followed me and he chased me around the lobby, in his swimming trunks. Everyone that was there watched us run around, and I decided that it was enough staring so I stopped in my tracks, only to have Niall grab me the same way. Then a flash went off just like earlier and Niall quickly ran off with me in his arms.

    We got into the pool room and he dropped me in the pool. I resurfaced and saw Niall grinning at me. I got out and dried off. Niall was still watching as I sat back down and curled up into a ball, a little bit cold from the water. I closed my eyes and heard some ‘oohing’ from everyone but Niall.

    My eyes cracked open a little bit and noticed Niall still staring at me, looking embarrassed and another emotion that I couldn’t think of. I shut my eyes and heard footsteps toward me.

    “Are you okay?” I heard Anastazie question me.

    “Yeah, I’m just a little cold.” I replied back, not moving at all.

    “Okay.” Then I heard footsteps going away from me and then silence. I liked the silence, because I could think for a moment.

    I wasn’t thinking of anything, so I could listen to what was happening outside of my mind. I heard people talking, and splashing the water around, but I could only hear four boy’s voices and a girl’s. I opened my eyes to see everyone, but Niall, splashing around. Then I turned to see Niall behind me, making me jump a bit.

    He chuckled and walked off, not even bothering to talk to me. I watched him get into the hot tub with the others, and start a conversation. It didn’t bother me that nobody cared about me, I wasn’t the normal person that everyone was supposed to care about. A little while later Anastazie got out and started to drag me in, saying that we were here to have fun, and not be laying around all day.

    After a little while she didn’t have to pull me, and I walked the rest of the way there. I got in and sat in between Louis and Liam, or where Anastazie was sitting before. She scowled at me and took a seat between Harry and Liam. I’m gonna say that she wanted to sit by Louis, by the way she acted.

    I grinned and everyone started to talk again, because they had stopped when I got in. I listened to them talk about songs and what is going to happen on stage tomorrow, and didn’t interject on anything. Then everyone seemed to go into separate conversations with two or three people.

    Anastazie turned to me and motioned for me to go and swim with her. I nodded and we headed off. Luckily, none of the boys followed us so we could talk about girly things without them bugging us.

    “So, about this different stuff.” She said once I was all of the way in. “What happens?”

    “Really, I don’t know. I met Danny and she showed me my powers and then she sent me off to you. If I didn’t come and get you her brother would be here and he would try to get you with him.” She looked at me confused. “Her brother is working for the wrong side. There are people controlling him and they aren’t using him in good ways.”

    I explained all of this stuff to her and she listened. We didn’t know that all of the boys went quiet and they were trying to listen to us. I turned my head and looked over at them. Anastazie followed me and noticed all of the boys staring at us.

    “Did you hear that?” She questioned them. Everyone nodded, and we grimaced. “Dang it.” Anastazie said under her breath.

    “What was all of that about?” Niall asked coming over to us. The others followed him and they all floated around us.

    “We’re different.” I blurted out quickly. The boys all looked at each other.

    “What kind of different?” Louis asked.

    “We have powers that nobody else has.” Anastazie said. She looked over at me for approval to go on and I nodded. “I have telekinesis and Rena can tell if someone is lying or not.” She explained.

    “Really?” Louis got a little more excited.
    “Show us.” Zayn said, most likely not believing anything that we said. “Show us your powers.”

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