Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


11. 11

Chapter Eleven Anastazie’s P.O.V.

    I can’t believe that I’m different! I can go and brag about moving things with my mind!

    Interrupting my thoughts Rena had to ruin my day. “You can’t tell anyone you know.”


    “It’s not safe to go around bragging to people that you have something like that. People could kill you, or hurt you for it.”

    I nodded, getting what she is trying to explain. “Okay, so I can’t even tell my closest friend who doesn’t tell secrets?” I asked trying to be annoying and funny.

    “Nope. Not even them.” She answered, being really serious. We sat there for a while until the door opened and in walked the boys.

    “What about them?” I pointed to everyone that had walked in and Rena shook her head.

    “What about us?” Harry asked.

    “Nothing.” Both Rena and I said at the same time. Everyone looked at us suspiciously, but we wouldn’t tell them. We all stood, or sat, there for a moment, until Zayn decided to break us up and everyone left to their own rooms.

    Before they left they said that we were going to the swimming, and for us to be ready in an hour, and they were bringing the towels so we didn’t have to worry about it. I ran off into the bathroom, grabbing my pink and blue polka dot bathing suit and a normal shirt to put over it. I quickly pulled it on and swapped with Rena because she was waiting for me to get done.

    I noticed that she had a yellow zebra striped swimsuit and a black shirt in her bundle that she was carrying. When she came out I noticed that I was correct, she did have yellow zebra striped swimsuit and a completely black shirt on. Niall came out of the bedroom with black swimshorts and a dark blue shirt on.

    We both smiled at each other, but I could noticed him stealing small glances over at Rena. That made me grin really wide, Niall was checking out Rena!

    Then we came across Louis and Liam heading to the elevator. Louis and Liam were chatting about something, so they didn’t notice us. I got a great idea, I got a head start and hopped up onto Louis’s back. He shrieked and dropped the two towels that he was holding.

    “Anastazie!” He yelled while looking up at me. I giggled for a little bit and noticed that everyone had caught up with us and they were all laughing, even Liam. Then Louis soon joined us laughing, but I could see for a while that he was a little angry.

    “Louis!” I mocked him as he carried me to the elevator. Rena was kind of still laughing at Louis so he shot her an evil glare. “Louis, now don’t be rude.” I accused him.
    This time it was me getting the evil glare shot at. We got into the elevator and rode it down in silence. Even as we walked to the swimming pool down at the bottom floor we were silent, but that changed when we got there.

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