Rena felt like a normal girl. That was until she meets Danny and goes on a mission to find someone who works with One Direction. What happens while she is there?


10. 10

Chapter Ten Rena’s P.O.V.

    Anastazie and I just remained seated once the boys left. Before I saw that Niall was watching us we were talking about makeup and stuff like that. Even though I wasn’t a person who put on makeup I knew how to do it, and what it should look like.

    I remembered something that was vital to me being here. I was supposed to be getting Anastazie out of here. But how?

    “Anastazie I have something I need to tell you.” I blurted out.

    “What is it?” She turned her attention away from the television which was turned off.

    “Um.. so… how do I put it?” I paused for a second to think. “So there are these people, and they are different. They have special abilities. I am one of them, and so are you. The reason I am here is to collect you, before the people on the bad side do.” I explained in one breath.

    She looked at me like I was crazy and then answered. “What? What kind of ‘special abilities’?” She asked, using hand quotations around special abilities.

    “I can tell if someone is lying, another girl has photographic memory, someone else can hear very good and another person can sense ghosts and things like that.” I used Danny’s words that she said on the first day.

    “Oh, and what do I do?” She said getting all eager.

    “I don’t know. You have to discover it, and the girl that sent me here didn’t know anything about you. She just knew that they had to get you before someone else.”

    “I have no clue it what you are saying is true or not.”

    “Here, let’s try something.” I said getting an idea. “Try to send me something through our minds.”

    We faced each other and looked into each other’s eyes. For a moment I could see Anastazie concentrating, but nothing happened.

    “Nope.” She said.

    “Okay, turn around and guess how many fingers I am holding up.” I pushed her around and held up seven fingers. “Now.” I commanded.

    “Um… two.”

    “Nope.” I said mocking her. “I’m running out of ideas, this is the last test.” I pointed to her phone that was sitting on the table. “Move it, and concentrate hard on this.”

    She nodded and held her hands out, copying the guy from X-Men. I watched intently as she sat there, and concentrated. Then out of nowhere the phone flipped and shook.

    “Woah! I’m like you! I’m different!” She glanced over at me and grinned really wide. “I believe you now. And once this tour is done I will go with you. That means that you and I are going to be one this tour for a while.” I smiled and remembered that Danny thought that I was going to be on this tour for just about three weeks.

    I ran over to my bag remembering that Danny had mentioned something about a phone. When I got to it I dug through it and finally found it. Then I opened it and tapped on the contacts button.

    It showed two contacts which were Danny’s and Philip’s. I tapped on Danny’s and quickly texted her that it was going to take more than a few weeks. When I was about to turn it off I got a reply. She asked why and how long.

    ‘How ever long the tour goes on for.’ I replied. Then she sent back a smiley face, a thank you and good bye. I went back over to Anastazie, with my phone and sat down.

    “Where’d you get that?” She asked motioning to my phone that had suddenly appeared.

    “My bag.” I replied, not wanting to tell her that I got it from Danny and have to go through so many details about her.

    “Can I see it?” She asked, sounding polite. I tossed it over to her and she typed something in really quick. “There, now you have my phone number. So you can call me whenever you want.” She grinned wildly and set my phone next to me.

    “Do you want to do something?” I asked. She nodded and I looked through all of the television channels. On one of the channels was playing The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I haven’t seen in forever, so I chose it and looked over at Anastazie for approval. She nodded and I remembered that there was a fort about two yards from where we were sitting.
    I climbed into it and sat back. A few moments later Anastazie joined me and we sat watching The Nightmare Before Christmas together.

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