This is crazy

When Percy and his friends go on a road trip around the world they meet wizards, sparkly vampires, and evil punks! What will they do, and is Leo making out with Piper? Don't forget about the gods!


2. Bus!

Piper's  pov

When we finally got on the bus I was instantly amazed there was a living room with black Calvin cline couches and white chairs, a 80'' plasma tv with white walls. The kitchen was fully stocked with the latest appliances. It had grey wall with dark blue trimmings. There was a indoor hot tub, media room, armory and arena, but greatest of all the bedrooms.

I was awoken from my train of thought when Leo started talking," Okay, on the left there is a list of who is rooming with who ok good! " Leo then whisked Calypso off. Probably to do the the naughty. I stood there my feet glued to the floor no one said anything about roommates! I quickly looked around and saw that everyone else looked shocked too.

I slowly walked over to the wall the list said.

Percy & Annabeth

Leo & Calypso

Nico & Will ( Solangelo yas!!!! )

Hazel & Frank

Travis and Katie



Piper & Jason

Wait Piper & Jason?!

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