Just A Game (L.H.)

What happens when Luke Hemmings, school's most popular jerk,plays a game with school's mysterious girl but ends up falling in love?She changes him,he changes her but in the end she hates him anyway.


6. -5-

At the end of school I put my books in my locker and headed to home.I realized someone was following me so I turned around and bumped into a guy and landed on my butt.

"Sorry.''He reached out his hand.I glared at him.It was Luke.

I ignored him and got up.


''Stop folllowing me!''turned around but this time slower.


''We have a project remember?''


''I thought you were joking about helping me.''


''Why makes you think that I'm bad?''He asked and continued walking. This time I was following him to his car. He opened the door for me which I was surprised at first then he hopped in the drivers seat.


''So my place or yours?''


''Believe me you wouldn't want to be in the same room with my brother.''


''You could just tell me that you wanted to go my place.''He smirked.

''Jerk."I hit his arm.

''Ouch!"He whined.


The rest of the car ride was filled with tension and awkward silence.Whenever we stopped Luke stared at me and I felt nervous to be honest. When we arrived I saw he was living in a lovely neighborhood.I wasn't used to this.There were kids giggling and running around.Luke goy out and picked up a little girl.She looked like a girl version of him.


''Luke!''She giggled while he kissed her cheek. Wow the schools bad boy actually has feelings.


'I heard that!'' Did I say that out loud?Guess I did. I stood there awkwardly while he opened the door. ''Are you gonna stand there or?'' It couldn't be more awkward.I haven't been to a friends house before.


He closed the door after little girl ran upstairs.He was staring at me with a smirk plastered on his face he was biting his lip ring.Seriosly he needs to stop doing that.


''I-I think we can start now."


"We don't have to rush."


"Yes but the sooner the better.''


''Okay but you're staying until 8.''He smirked


''You can't tell me what to do.''I rolled my eyes.


''Fine you can walk home if you know where we are.''Then he headed to upstairs.I followed him like a lost pupppy since I didn't know a thing about this place.


''I guess I'm staying.'' He opened the door that led to his room.It was big but smaller than mine.The wallls were light grey and covered with band posters.Typical boy room.There were papers and dirty clothes on the floor.


''Uh...I'm sorry it's a bit messy.''He said scratching the back of his neck.


''It's okay let's just start.''I put the books that we need on his desk.


''Do you need anything?''


''No you can just mind yor own business and I'll finish the project.''


''Okay but l'll help you at some point.'' I gave him a are-you-serious? look and he shrugged.


''Seriously do you know anything about science?''


''Science?I thought it was English or something.''He joked.


I sighed and started working.He sat on the chair that was beside me.I tried to focus but I failed everytime.He was playing with my hair while I was reading the page or at least trying to read.


''Your hair is soft.''He blurted out.


''That was the nicest thing you said to me.''I smiled at him.


''And it smells good.''


''Thanks.''I said awkwardly. After 20 minutes of him playing with my hair and me trying to focus he stood up.


''I'm going downstairs for food want something?'' I shook my head and he left.


Great now I was alone in his room. 30 minutes past and I was still alone.At least I finished reading and started writing the essay. I wonder what he's doing he said he would help.Who am I kidding?Luke and helping people?Am I out of my mind?


20 minutes later I was done with my or our project.It was pretty simple yet intriguing. Suddenly the door cracked open and there he stood.He was sweaty and shirtless.Most girls would die to see him like this but I was disgusted.His hair was still perfect and his blue eyes were sparkling.Okay I admit he was looking hot.


''Uh Rachel I'm sorry I-the guys called me for the bands practise and I completely forgot about you.''I rolled my eyes.He ditched me and now he was apoplogising.


''Whatever I finished the project and now can you drive me home?''


''What?!You finished the project?!And without me?!?I was only gone for an hour!''


''I'm pretty fast.''


''I can see that but remember you are staying until 8''


''Let's make it 7 please I didn't call my dad and whenever I come late he gets mad besides we have family dinner.''I lied.


''Okay now let's watch something you choose.''


''Or we can play a game?''


''Truth or dare?''


''Nah it's too cliche and I don't trust you.''


''Why?I mean I'm trustworthy.''


''See that's why.You're cocky.''He gave me a confused look


. ''Okay let's play 21 questions.'' Then we sat on his bed.


''Luke l'll start first but wear something first.''


''No it's too hot.''He winked at me.He was playing the innocent.


''I know what you're thinking.''Finally after 10 minutes of arguing he put a white shirt on.


''I'll ask first.''


''Go on'' ''Favourite color?'' I give him a are-you-serious? look and he chuckled.


''Dark blue.''


''Like your eyes?''Is he flirting with me?He was staring directly at my eyes.


''No they're lighter.''


''Favourite film?''


''Mean Girls duh.''I laughed at his answer.


''What?Mean girls is the best movie ever!''


''As you say.''


''Okay favourite food?''


''Sushi''He gave me weird look.


''What?Sushi is the best food ever!''I copied him.


''Okay deepest fear?''


''Being alone.''He almost whispered.His smile faded.


''What about yours?'' I shook my head.I'm not going to tell him.


''Okay then fisrt kiss?with who?''


''I haven't kissed somebody.''I was embarresed.


''Really?I mean you're pretty.''I blushed did he just said that?


''Yes a few guys asked me out but I said no.''


''Why not?''He was curious fo some reason


''Why do you care?''


''I'm not going to answer that question until you answer mine.''


''What do you mean?"


''Remember I asked you that what makes you think that I'm bad?"


''Can we eat something I'm starving?''I changed the subject but he bought it.


''Pizza?'' I nodded my head.


''I prefer pepperoni but you choose.''


''No you're the guest.''Why is he kind to me all of a sudden?




After we ate the pizza finally he drove m home.


''Wow this place is huge and-''


''I know.What a great place to live right?''


''But it's cool.''


''Yet creepy.''I smiled at him before I got out. He returned my smile.This time it wasn't a smirk it was a real friendly smile.


''Goodnight Hemmings hanging out with you wasn't that bad.''


''Just kidding.''


He chuckled and I closed the door.He mouthed a Goodnight.I laughed at his stupidness.He waited untill I got in.The school's most popular jerk just smiled at me then he waited till I got in!OMG!!Please note the sarcasm Oh God I'll never understand those fangirls.



But still l hate him and he has my sketchbook.

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