Just A Game (L.H.)

What happens when Luke Hemmings, school's most popular jerk,plays a game with school's mysterious girl but ends up falling in love?She changes him,he changes her but in the end she hates him anyway.


5. -4-



Ugh I saw him again.I even hate Michael now.I mean we used to be friends until now.He's friends with Luke.


I don't wanna be near him.I don't even want to see face.If only he could leave me alone but of course he can't. He's just another player who thinks I'm going to fall for his tricks.Obviously thats not gonna happen I'm way too smart for him.

2 years left and I'm leaving this town.Who knows whats going to happen?



Like always I sat at the table which was at the back.School is litterally my living hell

Sometimes I even wonder what are they going to do after highschool.I mean with their tiny brains nobody would give them a job.They're just lucky that their family is rich.If you don't know who am I talking about let me intruduce you our school's soccer team and their slutty girlfriends.


Whatever I took out my sketchbook and continued my artwork.I'm really proud of myself lately.As I was taking my pencils out someone tapped my shoulder.I turned around and saw Michael grinning like an idiot and Ashton trying to hold his laughter.


''What do you want?''


''Luke was right you're so rude.''said Ashton.


I sighed and shook my head.This guy will never leave me alone will he?


''Okay if that's not a problem I would like to know what brings you here.''


''That's better''smirked Michael.

''So whatcha' drawin?''asked Ashton.


''Seriously you're here to look at my sketchbook?''


''What's wrong with that?''With that he grabbed my sketchbook swiftly.


''Give it to me or you'll be dead.''

''Oh are you threatening us I'm too scared.''said Ashton sarcastically.


''I'm not going to warn you again!''


After that Luke appeared behind me.


''Guys it's my job to mess with her.Now let me see that book.''He smirked.


''I hate you.''I mummbled.


''What was that?''


I rolled my eyes whereas he looked at my drawings.


''Well I can't say you're bad."Luke teased.


Inhale.Exhale.Don't get mad.He's just messing with you.


''Are you going to give it back or should I take it forcefully?"


"Umm I think this is gonna stay with me.''He smirked again.


I sighed this boy is pushing his luck.But that book belongs to mom.I can't just let it go.


I gathered my stuff and rushed to the girls washroom.At least they can't find me here right?But of course just because of my luck the bell rang.Great I have science next which means partners with Luke.Yay! Please note my sarcasm.




''No you're doing it wrong!''I shouted.


''Hey don't shout at me."


"God why am I partners with you?"


"Oh don't tell me you don't like me.''


''You are pathetic.''I whispered to myself.


''What was that?''


''Why do you care?"


"Don't answer a question with a question Allison.''He smirked.


''Don't call me that!''


''Why not?''He teased.


''None of your business.Can we just do the project and leave each other alone?''


''Too bad I was just thinking about giving you the sketchbook.''He winked at me.



The lesson continued with our arguments.He annoyed me to death and he suceed ruining the project.Now I have to do it again from the start.And the best part is we have continue it at home.Just great.I can't bear him at school now I have to go to his house.




''So my place or yours?''


''What about I do all the work and pretend like you helped me?''


''Nah I'll help you.''


''You mean annoy me to death.''


''Yeah whatever you say.''


Ugh this is gonna be a long day.






I'm so so so sorry I couldn't update for a long time.I was working on a stupid project.And also I'm sorry this was a short shitty chapter.

Btw thank you so much for 2k reads and likes.I'll update soon and don't forget to like/comment.

Love Xx

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