Just A Game (L.H.)

What happens when Luke Hemmings, school's most popular jerk,plays a game with school's mysterious girl but ends up falling in love?She changes him,he changes her but in the end she hates him anyway.


3. -2-

Rachel's P.O.V.


Where's the fucking science class?It has been 15 minutes and I'm still searching.Maybe I can ask someone.

No I can't,yes you can.No you won't,yes now do it you coward!


I saw a tall guy taking books from a locker.I tapped his shoulder and he turned around smiling.


''Hey um...I was wondering if you...could tell me where the science class is?''


''Yeah sure.''




''Yes why not?''


''Because you seem like you're annoyed"


"What?I'm just surprised that there are still some nice people like you exist.''He smiled again.He was pretty attractive but nothing more.Probably a player or something.But he looks familiar.


We walked to the science class together without talking.People were staring at us.What's their problem?


'Look she thinks that she's hot'

'Luke won't even look at her'

'She looks like a freak'

'Why is he walking with her?'

'She's so ugly'


Seriously people stop.Stop judging people and deal with your own lives.


It's gross.Who decides that you are beautiful or not?Who says you are fat or too skinny?


Yeah welcome to our society,

you will be judged on what you wear,

what you look like,

and how you act.

Enjoy your stay.




And of course I was too shy to say those words.People would attack me or bully me.


He leaned and hold my wrist.

''Hey don't listen them.''he whispered.


"It's fine I got used to it the thing is I don't care anymore.''


Then we continued walking.I entered the classroom and he followed me.


"This is science class."


"Yeah I know I have it too.''He grinned.


''By the way I'm Luke.''He reached out his hand but I avoided him.


"Come on I won't bite."


I rolled my eyes and sat at the back where nobody can look at me.


He sat next to me and stared at me.


Could my day get worse?

I decided to avoid him but that's impossible.


At least we are not partners.Wait the teacher didn't tell us our partners did she?


''Goodmorning class.I'm Mrs.Sinclair if you didn't know.So since today is the first day of school I'll inform you about what's coming up this year.First I'll tell the partners then your projects.''


Blah Blah Blah It's so boring.


I took out my sketchbook and started drawing.


I could still feel his stare at me and I couldn't focus.


''It's not nice to stare.''


''I'll stop when you tell me your name.''




''Rachel I like that.''


''Good now shut up and stare at someone else you psycho.''


''I thought you were nice.''


''Sorry if I hurt your feelings princess.''


''That's impossible Allison.''He chuckled.


Allison?How did he?I'm sure I didn't tell him.Maybe he's a childhood friend.

I didn't use that name since my mom died.She used to call me Allison and only she can.


"Call me Allison again and you'll be dead.''


''Why not?"


"None of your business."


''You two stop talking!You may be partners but that doesn't mean that you can talk in my class.''


We looked at each other again.Am I his partner?Oh god when I asked if my day could get worse,it was a rhetorical question.


Then he smirked at me.This boy loves annoying me eventhough we just met maybe earlier since he knows my name.


The bell rang and I headed to my locker.Next lesson is English.At least I won't see him today again or will I?


I grabbed my books and rushed to the classroom.The back was still empty.Great because I want to finish my drawing.I really love it.Call me obsessed but I love everything that my mom did.I started drawing when I was 8 and I still do.It makes me feel better and reminds me that I'm not useless




-Lunch Time-


As always I only ate a sandwich.Then I continued with my artwork.I was sitting alone since I didn't have any friends.It's not that I'm disgusting or something its just I'm not good at being fake anymore or laughing all the time.


''Mom would like this.''A voice behind me said.


It was Logan.Why is he messing with me?


''What do you want Logan?''


''Nothing just stalking you.''


''Logan you would never come unless you want something!''


''Okay you might me right.''


''Just tell me what you want and leave me alone.''


''Someone's bitter.''


''Oh come on.''


''Okay okay.Do you know who the hell that guy is?''He was pointing at Luke.

I nod my head.


''Rachel don't ever talk to him or let him talk to you.He uses girls.He's a player.Don't you dare-''


''Okay I understood no Luke''


''Here's my sis.''he kissed my cheek and left.


I knew he is a jerk.Everyone in this school is.I'm surrounded by horny idiots.Just great (note the sarcasm)



Luke's P.O.V.

I'm so hungry.All I can think about is food and Allison?She's popping out from everywhere in my mind.



I sat next to Michael and Calum.Ashton was facing me.


"Dude I'm so hungry.''


''Then eat you idiot''They laughed at me.


''Where's Ashley?''asked Calum.


''Dunno probably painting her clown face.''We all laughed.


After talking about random things someone caught my eye.




She was drawing something.Our eyes met for a second then she rolled them.


''Michael who's that''I pointed at her.


''That's Rachel.''


''Yeah I know that.Tell me about her.''


''Well we all used to be friends with her until her mom died after that she couldn't put herself together.We talk hardly ever now but we still do.She's living in a mension near the woods and she's Logan's little sister so don't mess up with her.''


''How do yo-''


''I know everything.''He smirked.


''She's beautiful isn't she?''Calum teased.


''Yeah she's different and that's the reason I wanna play with her."I smirked.


"Dude no she didn't do anything.''said Ashton.


''Yes I'm tired of that shit.''


''I don't care I'm bored and all of you help me get her.''


''What about Logan?"


"Do look like I'm scared of him?"


"Dude you're trouble."


"I'm in if there's trouble.''smirked Michael.


''Me too''said Ashton.


''Fine''sighed Calum.


He's the most caring one.He never hurts people's feelings but this time he will.


Great Game On.


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