Saving Hagita (Orange Fanfiction)

Azusa, Kakeru, Takako, Naho, and Suwa recieve letters from themselves, but there's a catch. The letters are all from ten years in the future. The letters tell them that they have to 'save Hagita". Thinking someone found out about Kakeru's incident and are pranking them, they all shove the letters into the back of their minds. But when Hagita's behavior is different from normal,they begin to rethink their decisions. Are the letter pranks, or are they really saving their best friend's life?


4. Letter One: Suwa

Suwa's POV:

I stared at the note in my hands, my face blanched, and my fingers trembling slightly as I read over the words.

Dear Suwa,

This is you from ten years in the future. (No, this isn't a joke!) I need to warn you before it's too late. You're making a terrible mistake. DON'T JUST ABANDON HIM. HE NEEDS YOU.

That's all it said. Suwa had never been more confused or angry in his life, and he had no idea what to do. Who was 'he'? Was this note the real deal? It seemed too simple and too demanding to be him. Several other notes followed the first, but Suwa didn't want to read them. The bell rang, signalling lunch time, and Suwa swept out the classroom. He crumpled up the note and threw it away on his way out, a satisfied smile that didn't suit his happy personality spreading across his lips.

"Suwa! Come eat lunch with us!" Kaito, another boy from Suwa's soccer club, called. Suwa glanced at the table he usually sat at with Hagita, Takano, Azusa, and Naho, and he figured it wouldn't hurt them to miss him one day. He ran over to the seat next to Kaito and sat down, grinning at his friend. Kaito slapped him on the back before trading his sushi bento for Suwa's chicken teriyaki bento. 

"Oh my God, look, it's Saku!" Kaito snickered, pointing out the bespectacled boy as he sat at the table with Azusa and Naho. Suwa noticed how his shoulders slumped, how he didn't have his usual manga with him, and how he didn't even pick at his lunch. Suwa's brow furrowed with worry; was Hagita like this because of what he said? He didn't doubt it... Hagita was as sensitive as a toddler.

"Why do you hang out with him, anyways? He's such a fag," Haruto scoffed. Suwa's eyes widened in shock and he opened his mouth to defend his friend, but no words came. He found himself spluttering, tripping over his words as he tried to come up with a defense for his best friend. 

"Exactly my point! You don't even know why!" Haruto said gleefully, making Suwa shudder slightly. "Y-Yes I do! He's... He's really... uh...," Suwa's voice trailed off and he sighed, shaking his head. He had no idea what to say.

"I say we give a little talking to, who's with me?" Takami said with a smirk, hitting his fist against his flat palm, his almond eyes flashing dangerously. Suwa glanced at the three boys as they burst into laughter, nodding and giving each other high-fives. 

"So, Suwa? You gonna join us, or are you going to join him in getting you a$$ kicked?" Haruto asked, his smirk widening. Suwa inhaled sharply, hiding his hands under the table so the three older boys didn't see them tremble. Get beat up or beat up his friend... Suwa really didn't want to hurt Hagita, but he didn't want to get beat up either.

"I... I guess I'll help," Suwa murmured weakly. He felt like he was going to be sick. 

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