Saving Hagita (Orange Fanfiction)

Azusa, Kakeru, Takako, Naho, and Suwa recieve letters from themselves, but there's a catch. The letters are all from ten years in the future. The letters tell them that they have to 'save Hagita". Thinking someone found out about Kakeru's incident and are pranking them, they all shove the letters into the back of their minds. But when Hagita's behavior is different from normal,they begin to rethink their decisions. Are the letter pranks, or are they really saving their best friend's life?


2. Letter One: Kakeru

Kakeru's POV:
I cast a pitying glance back at Hagita before turning back to Suwa. Suwa noticed my expression and he sighed, rolling his eyes. "Don't tell me you actually feel sorry for him," he muttered. I blinked and looked at him, surprised. "Well, maybe a little. He seemed upset about something." Suwa scoffed and rolled his eyes again. He was silent for a moment before continuing.

"Don't worry about it Kakeru, Hagita's always upset about something. He's just being dramatic is all," Suwa said, smiling brightly at me. I smiled back hesitantly and put my hands in my pockets, unsure how to answer. Maybe Suwa was right....but something about Hagita seemed off. He wasn't upset like he normally was, he actually seemed sad. pushing my thoughts aside, I continued walking in my brisk pace.

"Still...I think something's wrong, Suwa. When was the last time Hagita actually stayed quiet?" I pointed out. Suwa shrugged indifferently and my expression hardened. "Don't know, don't care. It's about time he shut up." I stared at him in shock, speechless. Where had this come from?! Azu, Takako, Naho, Suwa, and Hagita had always been close, long before I had come into the picture! shook my head in disbelief, but  was too afraid to reply. The bell rang, signaling the beginning of school, and Suwa cursed under his breath.

"Come on, we gotta go!" Suwa exclaimed, shouldering his bag and running into the school building. I sighed through my nose and followed quickly. We took off our shoes immediately upon entering the building and swapped them for our school shoes, putting them in our locker. We grabbed the books we needed and rushed off to homeroom. My heart pounded in my chest as I ran, my mind clouded with anxiety. This was the first time I had ever been late to class in all my years of school! We burst into homeroom, panting heavily. The entire class turned toward us and stared. A few students whispered among themselves, snickering.

"Hiroto-kun, Naruse-kun, you're 15 minutes late to class," the teacher said coldly. I quickly bowed slightly in greeting before straightening myself up again.

"Apologies Sensei, I can assure you that it won't happen again," I said before taking my seat. Naho, Takako, and Azuso had all taken their seats. Naho smiled warmly at me and I blushed, looking away from her. The fact that she was my girlfriend still didn't change how shy I was around her. My eyes fell on Hagita's empty seat and I frowned slightly. Where was he...?

Suddenly, I felt an odd chill run down my spine and I shuddered, the hairs on my arms raising and goosebumps breaking out on my skin. Suwa raised an eyebrow at me and I shot him a reassuring smile. He shrugged and turned back to the teacher, listening to what he was saying. My eyes darted to my desk and widened when I saw a small, yellow envelope sitting on top of it. I glanced around to see if anyone had been nearby or out of their seats, but found no one. Hesitating. I took the letter and put it into my bag. I would look at it later when I wasn't in class.

*                    *                    *

Dear Kakeru,
This is going to sound really strange, but...I'm you, from ten years in the future. Last year, our friends saved our lives. They sent letters like this and it reached my...well, my plane of existence. The letter worked and the Suwa, Azu, Hagita, Takako, and Naho in my plane were able to save me. But, although, they saved us, one more of us is in trouble. Saku Hagita is hiding things from all of us. If you don't do something, ten years from now, he'll be gone. I need you to listen to my instructions carefully and follow them exactly. This morning, you and Suwa were late to class because of a fight you got into with Hagita.
My eyes went wide. How did they know...? And then, Hagita didn't show up to class. In fact, he didn't show up at all today. I didn't bother to look for him. I regret that now. Kakeru, I need you to look for Hagita before, I repeat, before lunch. If you don't, you will not erase one of my regrets, and Hagita will get hurt.

I finished the letter and wrinkled my nose, shoving it into my bag. Pure coincidence. Sure, Hagita hadn't shown up at all, but this had to be some prank. Perhaps by Hagita himself. Although he didn't show it much, he loved a good laugh. It hurt that he had used the events of last year as part of the prank, but I guess he thought it wouldn't hurt...but, it did. I decided to ignore the letter. Hagita would be fine. Yeah, perfectly fine...Although, I had to admit that Hagita had been acting strange. So, I decided to push the letter into the back of my mind. If anything bad happened to Hagita or he started acting drastically different, I'd take a look at the letter. 

Hagita's POV:
They surrounded me on all sides, cornering me just as I was about to go into the lunch room. About three seniors, all with smirks on their petty faces. I straightened slightly and glared at them all, ignoring my heart's now rapid beat. A snicker sounded behind me and I whirled around. Suwa smirked back at me as I stared at him in shock. 

"What's wrong, four-eyes? Can't take a little shock now and then?" Suwa said with a chuckle. The other seniors laughed and one pushed me against the wall, gripping me tightly my the collar. I struggled in the boy's strong grip, my eyes wide with terror as he drew back a fist. Why? Why are they doing this? I thought, grunting as he punched me. I thought I saw Suwa flinch and felt a glimmer of hope, but it was dashed as his smirk widened and he landed a punch on my jaw before kicking my legs out from under me. I struggled to get up but Suwa grabbed me by the hair, yanking my head so our faces were only inches apart. Tears welled up in my eyes as the others laughed. 

"You're such a worthless piece of sh**, you know that? I can't believe I used to be your friend!" Suwa snarled, letting go of my hair and kicking me in the chest. I curled up, my eyes wide and tears streaming down my face. Why...Suwa, why...stop it. Stop it! A few kicks later Suwa was finished with me. Blood trickled out of my nose from one of the kicks, obviously broken. I didn't know what condition my ribs were in, but they smarted horribly. Suwa laughed and backed away, watching as the three seniors closed in. He was going to let them hurt me...I gritted my teeth and clenched my eyes shut, bracing myself. 

"Worthless!" One sneered, stomping on my chest. I groaned, hearing a loud snap.

"Freak!" A kick to the ribs. Another, louder crack. 

"Ugly!" More blood leaked from my nose; it was definetly broken now. I coughed weakly as they continued, pain enveloping me. And Suwa just stood there, watching them, smirking.  I cried harder than before. 

Why. What did I do, Suwa...? Why do I deserve this...? 

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