Lover Boy

The best kind of love is with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


1. Family intro

*****Maisie's pov*****

The smell of stale coffee and burnt jet fuel filled the air. In front of me sat my younger sister, Mila. Her brown wavy hair dangled in front of her face as she read the latest edition of people's magazine. "Mila." I said hoping to get her attention. She was so focused on the magazine that my words seemed to have gone right over her head. I sighed and slouched in my chair. I looked over to my left where my brother, Carter, sat while spinning the wheels on his skateboard. My finger made contact with his arm in a tapping motion. He too ignored me. Out of frustration, I yanked the earbud out of his right ear. He turned to me in anger. "What the hell Maisie." My mom turned to us. "Guys we're in an airport. You both need to relax." I rolled my eyes before responding to my mom. "Mom. I was just gonna ask him to turned down his music and then he flipped." "You didn't need to pull out my fricken earbud." Carter said before he leaned back on his seat. Without removing his eyes from his phone screen, my dad chimed in. "You two need to knock it off. Before we have some serious problems. Carter shock his head and inserted the earbud back where it belonged. I sighed once again. "Everything will be alright grass hoper." Matt joked before tapping my head with his hand. I gave him a quick glare but couldn't help but laugh at him. Matt was basically the only sibling i actually liked. "Just relax. We're going to Puerto Rico for vacation! Start lighting up Mais." He said as he continued to mess around with his lacrosse stick. As much as I don't want to admit it...He's right. This is the family's first time going to Puerto Rico. I shouldn't be letting my siblings get under my skin. Honestly, I actually hate family vacations. Yeah sometimes their fun but other times it's just annoying. Staying in one hotel room with all four of my siblings is not as fun as it sounds. Me and Mila usually share a bed. Which is very unfortunate because she is the worst snorer you'll ever meet. Then in the other bed, Nathan, Matt and Carter all share a bed. If you've ever shared a room with boys before, then you probably know that they fight over anything and everything. Where's my parents you might ask. Well... they have the luxury of having their own room. My train of thought was lost when i felt a tap on my head. My older brother, Nate was standing over me. "Hey if you wanna stay while we go on vacation that's totally cool with me." I looked around and noticed my family had already gotten in line to board the plane. Well...wish me luck.

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