The Proposition

Anger can be easy to feel but for some it's easier than others to feel that raging spark ignite.

Alexandra Henderson has always fought a constant battle with her anger. Made worse by the cocky Evan Escott who won't leave her alone at her new school, her aggravation at her step dad Mark and the constant pressures she faces, can she still fight it? And can she, as several pieces of her past haunt her, let the past be a lesson and learn to move on? Can she help herself to find a place where she can be happy and free?


13. Thirteen

~Chapter Thirteen~

Evan looked like he was going to faint, clearly the most shocked he had been in a while. He struggled to speak for a moment, mixed emotions drawn through his face for a few moments, before regaining his usual attitude. 

"Can't resist me?" He joked and I tried not to seriously regret my decision. I did not know what I was getting myself into and I didn't really know why I was either. 

"Don't make me change my mind," I snapped at him and he smirked back. 

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry," he replied to me and then he changed his expression. He looked like he was genuinely smiling. It was nice I guess, that maybe I'd made him feel happy. I'd actually managed to put anger aside and make someone smile. That was something I hadn't done in a long time. 

I tried to smile back at him. It was a little hard to manage. I wasn't used to smiling at him. 

He was beaming back at me and it was weird... but it was nice too. He looked so pleased and I had no idea me changing my mind would cause this reaction. 

I guess, he did love me, or he said he did, I reminded myself. The prospect of a 'date', I'm going to use it in loose terms here, was probably quite exciting for him. 

I swallowed hard, trying not to think too hard about what I'd just agreed to. It wasn't like I liked him, I just said yes to the date because well... I don't really completely know. The voice in my head had made me feel uncomfortable and I wanted to prove it wrong. I could give people a chance. I could give Evan a chance.  

"So, when?" Evan asked me. "What about today? I don't want to give you time to change your mind." He laughed a little as he said it. 

I didn't like the idea of doing it today, I was tired enough as it was, I didn't want to do another thing. He obviously saw the reaction on my face. 

"Um, tomorrow then?" He queried and weirdly he looked a little nervous suddenly. It was so strange, he'd never looked like this before. 

I nodded at him. I guess it would be better sooner rather than later, otherwise, like he said, I might change my mind. It really was a spur in the moment decision and I was sure I might regret it if I gave it too much time and thought. 

"Awesome. Six o'clock alright?" He questioned next and I nodded at him. 

I didn't want to talk, I feared my voice wouldn't work because, well, I was nervous. I really was nervous... but not because he made me feel like that. Just a date, you know, was a nerve-wracking thingright? 

I cleared my throat uncomfortably. My thoughts were really confused right now, I didn't know what to make of anything that was going on in my head. I'd like to think I was just overly tired. I sighed as we reached Evan's house and he stopped at his gate, glad I would be home soon. 

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then," he said to me and I nodded at him again, watching his smile brighten up his face. He opened his gate and walked on through. I thought I could finally go home but a few seconds later, he turned around again and stared at me. I wondered what he was doing. He looked a little nervous, rubbing the back of his head with his left hand. He stumbled out, "um, I'm... I'm really glad you changed your mind." 

I don't think I'd ever heard him sound so nervous about what he was saying.  

I forced a smile onto my face and turned away, walking off. My face was burning again and I hated it. Why was it even happening? 

I busied myself with hurrying home, quickening my pace more and more. I could have cried with relief when I saw my house, and almost ran to the front door. 

Banging the door behind me, I pulled off my shoes and dumped them with my bag by the door. I heard Mark call my name but I couldn't care less, I was going to bed now before anyone could stop me. I ran up the stairs and into my room, flopping down onto my bed dramatically. I smiled properly for the first time today.  

It had been a long, long day. The comfort of my bed made everything feel just that bit better. I didn't even change my clothes before I was curled up asleep. Finally. 


Daz stands before me, smiling like I was the best thing he'd ever seen. 

"You look beautiful, Al," he compliments me and I feel myself blushing profusely. 

"Shh," I manage to utter. 

"You shh," he replies, scooping back some hair from my face and putting his finger to my lips. 

mimick biting his finger off and he pretends to be offended. 

"You're so dangerous," he jokes and I poke my tongue out at him. 

"Shut up," I say and I laugh gently. 

He inches closer to me, holding onto each of my arms. He looks down at me, in my eyes and my heart flutters. 

"I think you're dangerous, because I'm dangerously so in love with you, I don't even understand," he tells me and all of a sudden I can't breathe, but in a good way. My eyes are fixed on him and his on me. 

I stand slowly up on my tiptoes so I'm eyelevel with him. "Well," I whisper, "lets be dangerously in love together." Then our lips are together and everything is tingling. My heart won't stop beating crazily fast. But something is wrong, suddenly my heart is going too fast, much too fast. 

I jump back, screaming as my chest sears with pain and Daz disappears into a wisp of smoke.  

Then I wake up.  

It had been a dream, a dream of the past and now I just laid in bed alone. I rolled over onto my side, breathing quickly and brushing the tears which had pierced my eyes. I shook my head, trying to get rid of the dream which had just happened. 

I didn't want to think about him, but he won't get out of my head. I want him to, it's too painful to remember what we had and how I had destroyed everything. 

He's not in my life anymore and he was going to stay that way. 

Or so I thought. At that moment my phone vibrated and I reached out a hand to see what it was. 

Desmonde (Daz) Flynn sent you a friend request. 

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