The Proposition

Anger can be easy to feel but for some it's easier than others to feel that raging spark ignite.

Alexandra Henderson has always fought a constant battle with her anger. Made worse by the cocky Evan Escott who won't leave her alone at her new school, her aggravation at her step dad Mark and the constant pressures she faces, can she still fight it? And can she, as several pieces of her past haunt her, let the past be a lesson and learn to move on? Can she help herself to find a place where she can be happy and free?


19. Nineteen

~Chapter Nineteen~

Sunday was full of laying around, flicking through homework and at moments just crying. Everything was so messed up in my head. I was at a point where I could hardly think, there was just too much to think about. As for my emotions, there was too many of them too. I couldn't feel it all at once so I would occasionally get outbursts of random emotions ranging from anger to tears very quickly.  

I didn't leave my room all day, only to go to the bathroom or get a drink. I didn't feel like encountering anyone or anything. 

At around 5o'clock there was a knock on my bedroom door. Mum entered the room and I sat up a little straighter at my desk. I'd been trying to edit an English essay due in tomorrow. I'd only read about five words so far. 

"You still busy doing work?" She asked me and I nodded, wondering why she was here. She continued, "fancy a break at all?" 

I shrugged at her. Really, I did have to get this done but laying back in my bed also seemed very appealing to me. 

"We were thinking of going out for dinner," mum told me. "You could come to." 

I shook my head quickly before really thinking it through. I didn't much like the sound of sitting in a restaurant with mum and Mark. 

Mum looked a little disappointed, which was strange. She never took this much interest in me or trying to persuade me to eat dinner with them. 

"I haven't seen you eat all day," she commented next and frowned. "You really do need to eat something." 

"I'll just get something from the fridge," I replied quietly, wishing she would drop the idea of me coming too. I didn't want to go out in public, I felt too bad to look presentable enough for that. 

She sighed and turned back around. I'd obviously won this time. 

"We'll be back around 7," she called after me. 

"Okay," I shouted back, getting up to shut my door again as she had left it open. You would have thought it was common decency to shut a door which you had opened in the first place, but obviously not. 

I could hear them moving about the house getting ready but finally the door slammed and I was alone. I sighed, leaning back in my chair clearly not interested in my work.  

I had to admit I was hungry so got up to make my way to the kitchen. The fridge was pretty empty, apart from some weird rice dish, and the freezer too. Shit. Had mum not thought to tell me there wasn't any food right now. I checked the cupboard for food to find a stale bread roll and some fruit cake I didn't like. Just great. No wonder they went out to dinner, there was nothing appealing here.  

It meant I had to go shopping. It was only half five, so the supermarkets would probably still be open. I made my way upstairs to find some shoes, putting on a hoodie over the t-shirt I had worn to sleep in last night. I put my phone in my pocket, finding some pound coins stuffed in a purse on my desk. 

I made my way downstairs, locking the front door behind me. Cold air hit my face and I wished I'd put more layers on, folding my arms to try to keep the warmth I had left in me. 

It was slowly darkening so I quickened my way in the direction of town. I reached Evan's house, trying to avoid looking at it too much. There was one window alight in the top part of the house and I guessed that it was Evan's bedroom. 

continued to walk on, the effort of walking fast generating some more heat against the cold. I turned my mind to food, persuading me to keep going to my destination. 

Finally, I reached the town, walking into the closest supermarket. 

I found myself in the ice-cream isle, even though it was cold outside, counting out the money I had. I wanted to know if I could afford the double chocolate ice-cream I liked. Luckily, I could. I grinned to myself as I picked it up and headed to the self-service checkout. 

I preferred using them as it meant I didn't have to talk to some stranger. 

Once I had paid I left the shop, making my way back towards my house. As I walked I noticed how it had gotten darker in a matter of seconds. I held tighter to the handle of the bag with my ice-cream in, a little unnerved at being alone in a dark street. I continued walking. 

It would have been fine but then I heard footsteps. They sounded like they were following me and fear was suddenly gripping my insides. What was I supposed to do? 

My heart beat drummed furiously in chest and I felt sick. They were definitely quickening their pace towards me. Shit, shit, shit. 

I wanted to run but my legs had become so wobbly. That's when I saw Evan's house. I'd have to go there. I didn't want to walk any further, fearful that I would be kidnapped. 

I rushed through the gate and up the garden path reaching the door just as the gate swung open again behind me. They were after me. Fuck. I couldn't dare to look back. 

I knocked hard on the door, my whole body trembling and when he didn't come I knocked again, more desperately. I started to cry, big stinging drops of tears sliding fast down my face. 

I could hear the footsteps behind me. They were so close. Come on, Evan. I felt like screaming. 

Finally, he opened the door and I bolted through it before he could speak. "Shut the door!" I screamed, dropping my shopping bag, as I saw the hooded figure lunge towards the door. 

Eyes wide, Evan slammed the door on them, twisting the lock and bolting the bars across. Breathing quickly, I began to cry more as the person banged on the door. 

Evan looked panic stricken and confused all at the same time, stepping back from the door and to my side. I squeaked in fear as the man was yelling through the door not being able to stop myself from gripping onto Evan's arm. 

He looked scared but I think he tried not to show me. He led me further into the house, and through a door which went into what looked like a study. He shut the door and locked it. 

"Phone the police," I cried at him, my voice shaking. 

Evan reached for the phone on the desk, stabbing in the number and putting it to his ear. 

I listened as the banging on the door stopped but I still felt anxious to the person being out there. Evan spoke quickly on the phone, explaining the situation. I was surprised he kept such a calm voice, his face looked so anxious. I wouldn't have been able to talk, my breathing far too erratic. 

"They're coming," he told me as he put the phone down. 

I gripped hold of him again, my knees suddenly losing their strength. I wanted to be sick. Tears were blurring my vision. 

"I've got you, it's okay," Evan whispered to me quietly and I was so, so grateful in that moment that he was here. The situation would have ended way worse if I hadn't known he lived here and if he hadn't let me in. 

We were both tense as we held onto each other in the dark, waiting and flinching at every sound or movement outside. Whether it was an animal or the wind, every sound could have been the person trying to get in. I was so, so scared. Tears were falling steadily down my face. 

He must have been scared too as I could feel his heartbeat heavily in his wrist, pulsing quickly. 

My ears suddenly fixed onto the sound of a police car and I almost fainted with relief. If Evan hadn't been holding onto me so tight, I would have fallen over. 

He obviously heard it to, looking quickly less scared. He rubbed my back gently with his palm. It was so comforting. 

It felt like an age before they reached us. The door banged open and I jumped hard, gripping hold of Evan's arm tight again. I loosened it when they called out 'police', my crying taking on a more relieved sense. 

"We're in here," Evan called out, letting go of me so he could unlock the door. I followed him out to see two armed police men standing in the hallway outside the door. 

"It's alright, you're safe now," the nearest one said and I actually believed him now.

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