Living With My Boss

Fresh, newly graduated student is out in search for a job pertaining to her degree to be certified to work in the office of a high paying company. After countless interviews and rejections due to her being 1% lower than the candidate they were in search of. Most companies would not take a chance on a negative percentage, until she leaves her hometown to find Lifestyle Perfections. A company based on helping those outside the business world to becoming top executives or even CEOs of their own business. But aside from that, their CEO is in search for an assistant and Estella Divine was ready to take her chances at such a higher level while knowing that the rate of fire was much higher than most. She was determined to show her strengths, but now she finds herself living with the boss himself? CEO, Calvin Remoroe, journey through company struggles and strategies and even Romance within the workplace.


7. Chapter 7

My eyes slowly opened to the sound of the rattling gates being unlocked. I saw the last person I thought I'd ever see, Calvin. He stood expressionlessly by the gate doors as I lifted myself slowly as my stomach felt swollen and bruised from yesterdays impact. I clenched my stomach in pain. He lifted my chin to face him, then his face became angered.

I winced from the slightest movement before I realized that Calvin had me in his arms Princess style. Out of instinct, I grabbed and clawed his back as I squeezed his business shirt to relieve the excruciating pain. He placed me in the passenger seat of his car and went back into the police station where I could see him making a face of concerned anger as he signed the release papers.

When he returned to his car, I did not move or say a word as he drove out of the parking lot towards an area that was unfamiliar to me. The feeling of becoming incapable began to overflow all of my rational thinking and the taunting reality of trust became nothing but black and blue bruise marks. We arrived to the destination he had set where I could make out the symbol of a plus sign built into the buildings entrance. It was the hospital.

"No, I'm fine," I tried to reach for the door handle, but my body became weak and defenseless.

"You call that fine?" He rose his voice towards me, "Why do you make me worried about you?"

"It was never my intention and you don't have to worry about me," I was near to the point of crying before he pulled me into his arms where the pain became nonexistent once again.

"You don't have to pretend to be strong and independent," He pulled away while still holding my shoulders as he stared deep into my eyes.

I tried to withhold my tears that resided deep within my heart as I felt my strength collapse and break into deformity. I removed his hands from my shoulder and moved them back to his side. His face still showed no kind of expression, but his attractiveness became very distracting.

"Thank you, but I'm capable of taking care of myself," I exited his car while trying to block the bruise from impacting the way I walked towards the hospital entrance. When I entered the building, I felt my body sway as I collapsed into the arms of someone unfamiliar as I slightly saw his face before I completely lost my consciousness.

After I regained my consciousness, I felt the throbbing storm of a headache immerse itself severely around my brain. I slowly sat up and opened my eyes to the bright hospital room lights. At the foot of the bed stood a man in a white coat, he was writing on a clipboard until he looked over at me. He had a familiar look in his eyes that hid behind his glasses. For a moment he stared intently at me before he pushed his glasses back in place on his nose as if I had noticed the beautiful creature behind the mask.

"You are quite daring to have collapsed at the entrance there," His deep, alluring voice spoke with confidence and assurance. I looked towards the hand that held the clipboard as it was bandaged only recently, "I'm sure you want to know if it was me you collided into. Of course,"

"I apologize," I lowered my head towards him.

"The it's a date," He chuckled after finishing his analysis paper on me.

"Excuse me?" I pretended as if I did not hear what he had just said.

"Your vitals seem to be stabilized and under control, do you feel any pain?" He avoided his previous statement. I shook my head side to side to answer his question without words, "Then you're free to be discharged,"

For a moment I felt like he was disturbed by something, but it could just be my imagination. After he detached the tubes from my arm, he helped me up from the bed, but gravity took its toll when I fell back onto the bed followed by the doctor who stood over me with both his arms on each side of my head over my shoulders.

I closed my eyes due to the impact of falling, but as I slowly opened my eyes I was surprised to see the doctors face clearly without his glaces. His eyes were piercingly sharp as he passionately stared deep into my eyes causing me to lose my comfort zone. It was clear as day that something ignited within him as his expression grew to insanity as if he found what he wanted to capture.

"Could you please move?" I spoke uncomfortably.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were enjoying this," He smirked as he stood up pulling me to him, but then someone else grabbed my wrist out of his, "Well look who it is,"

I turned to see who had taken my wrist and I saw that it was Calvin. He stared at the doctor with a look that could kill a person. There was definitely conflict going on between the two of them, but it wasn't something I could understand as time seemed to be moving faster and faster leaving me in the motion of sickness.

"It's been a long time, brother," The doctor who addressed Calvin as brother laughed as I turned to see why his eyes seemed so familiar. I was shocked and concerned with the fate's of their life as siblings.

These two were brothers and they clearly weren't close. Why do I feel that I've become the pawn in the middle of this? What am I to expect now? Mom, dad.... Help, I've stepped into hell and now there are two of them!

Note: The image on top is what I imagine my doctor in the story would look like.

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