Living With My Boss

Fresh, newly graduated student is out in search for a job pertaining to her degree to be certified to work in the office of a high paying company. After countless interviews and rejections due to her being 1% lower than the candidate they were in search of. Most companies would not take a chance on a negative percentage, until she leaves her hometown to find Lifestyle Perfections. A company based on helping those outside the business world to becoming top executives or even CEOs of their own business. But aside from that, their CEO is in search for an assistant and Estella Divine was ready to take her chances at such a higher level while knowing that the rate of fire was much higher than most. She was determined to show her strengths, but now she finds herself living with the boss himself? CEO, Calvin Remoroe, journey through company struggles and strategies and even Romance within the workplace.


4. Chapter 4

I awoke with an enormous headache as I sat up and looked around my new room that was well designed and furnished. I massaged the temples of my head to remember the events that occurred yesterday after we both had received our keys to the apartment. I moved everything in my suitcase to my assigned room and I did not see any sign of that man being anywhere in view. I was more than pleased to see that the bathroom was at least private to being my own.

After I readied myself to leave the house in search for a job, I made sure to keep my room door closed and secure of intrusion. When I turned around, my soul leaped out of my body without a chance to hang on. That man was standing silently behind me as he stared down at me with such sharp, burning eyes. He said nothing and walked out the door carrying a leather black suitcase.

"That scared me," I said to myself as I clenched for my heart to regain calmness. I could not see how I could ever possibly become used to living with this person.

I locked the door behind me with my bag of profiles strapped over my right shoulder and a list of companies who were hosting open interviews down the road. As I began my journey down the road of clustered people wondering on the street, I initiated the photography in myself to capture every lasting moment before I arrived at the company that would change my life forever.

"You have an excellent college background and your scores are terrifically great, yet I feel you may be too good for this position," The interviewer set down my profile as if the position was unworthy of what my profile indicated, "I will begin the interview after I I give you the details on what we are looking for in means to provide for our CEO,"

I sat in my chair politely with my fingers intertwined with each other over my lap. The nervousness of being closely rejected began to steam within my body, yet I kept all hope to keep everything together.

"We provide opportunities for clients like yourself seeking a job in the business workplace, yet the position that we are offering goes beyond that," The interviewer breathed in with concern and looked at me like no other face of the company would, "This position is a very difficult matter and the rate of being fired or quitting is at the ratio of 30 to 70 percent. 30 percent have been fired and 70 percent have quit the position and they were all formidable employees of the highest graded graduates and even the experienced. I express my concern that this position may not be right for you, but we do take chances. I ask, are you willing to accept the difficulty of what we offer? You may leave at any point you feel that you are not up for the tasks involved,"

"I am willing!" I spoke without thought and knowing that this might be the foot in the door I've been looking for this whole time.

"Then we will begin the interview," She evenly tapped the packet of questions on the table and began the questions by order.

It took 30 minutes to finish almost 5 pages worth of questions that I believed she felt was irrelevant to what I would be getting myself into. After she finalized the papers with her elegant signature, she stood up and I did the same. She reached her hand out and I reached hers as we shook each other hands to complete the interview process.

"Welcome to Lifestyle Perfections, I will be getting your meeting set up with our CEO to introduce to him his new personal assistant, follow me," She smiled and led me to an elevator that took us 2 floors up to an extravagant cafe, "This is the employee break room, once I have come back with a finalized meeting for you two, then you may start the job immediately. Prior to scheduling, I will be in charge of that, but don't expect that to always be the case. All your orders and work will be done by our CEO for whom you will be working with for the remainder of what will be notified on the contract, is that understood?"

"Yes, ma'am," I bowed my head in excitement and fear as my legs began to shake tremendously. She smiled gently at me and placed her hand on my shoulder to cheer me up.

I finally took a seat once again and pulled out my phone to avoid the awkwardness of being stared down by other employees who have worked here much longer than me. They knew things that I didn't know so they knew the doom that I may face, but luckily for them, I came prepared. Or did I?

"So you're the new personal assistant?" A high pitched voice called over my shoulder as she sat her tray down on the table where I was sitting, "I manage and design our companies website to ensure that bugs or hacks steer clear from us. It's not hard, but sometimes it can be tricky when there's top player hackers trying desperately to disassemble our brains into a million different puzzle pieces. But anyway, I'm Marsha, what's your name?"

"I'm Estella Divine," I said it a bit slowly as I tried to register the sudden information about her position.

I've studied her position once before from an internship I had back in college where I helped those solve higher level hacking removal techniques. It was more or less a hobby growing up with computer skills and others. I had no time to roam free even if I wanted to, it was always about reaching to the top of the business food chain.

"Interesting, you don't seem to talk much, do you?" She laughed.

It only took a moment for me to reach out to her about the things I've done in my past and the things I am able to do with my own abilities. Her eyes sparkled and widened at each subject I spoke to her about though it surprised me even more that she was still here listening to me as I grew frightened that maybe she will grow jealous of me. I was afraid of making enemies, but she seemed to not show any signs of hatred towards me.

"You are a super genius!" Marsha had her notepad out and ready to write as if I was lecturing her.

"Estella, your meeting has been arranged, follow me," After an hour of talking to Marsha, the woman came back for me before I could continue to teach Marsha more about what I knew. I grabbed my bag and stood up to see her pouting eyes follow my face.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Marsha. I hope we meet again," I smiled and made my way towards the elevator.

My nervousness arose again as she clicked the highest number on the elevator room levels. I clenched the strap of my bag to try and fight the expression I was feeling. I could tell she noticed that I was trying very well to hide it, but I continued to fight even further as the numbers grew closer and closer towards the top floor. I jumped at the sound of the final floor bell and watched as the doors opened slowly.

"This way, please," She lead me down a wide hallway of offices where I spotted 2 that were vacant and spotless. We reached a double door made of glass, but the materials made the inside of his office extremely blurry to see anything but the figure of a man standing far in the distance. The woman pressed a button that was next to the door that appeared to be a microphone and a speaker attached all in one, "Sir, I have brought your new personal assistant, may she enter?"

"Send her in," That rich, deep voice spoke with such familiarity, but I could not put my finger on it. The woman stared frighteningly for me as if she knew she were sending me into the lions den.

I grabbed the silver handle and opened the door slowly to enter with awareness. I prepared myself before taking a glance at my current employer as I lifted my head up slowly to see only his back facing me as he stared out into the city through his huge window that took up almost the whole wall.

"Estella Divine, do you know who I am?" His voice became even more familiar to me as he chuckled to himself as if he knew who I was.

"You are our CEO, my employer," I had no words to describe but that of who he was to me.

"I'm disappointed , how could you..." He began to turn to face me as his face became more and more revealing, "not know the name of your own roommate,"

I gasped in uncertainty as I didn't know what to do or say. I couldn't stand to see him at the apartment and now I have to face him at work too?

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