Living With My Boss

Fresh, newly graduated student is out in search for a job pertaining to her degree to be certified to work in the office of a high paying company. After countless interviews and rejections due to her being 1% lower than the candidate they were in search of. Most companies would not take a chance on a negative percentage, until she leaves her hometown to find Lifestyle Perfections. A company based on helping those outside the business world to becoming top executives or even CEOs of their own business. But aside from that, their CEO is in search for an assistant and Estella Divine was ready to take her chances at such a higher level while knowing that the rate of fire was much higher than most. She was determined to show her strengths, but now she finds herself living with the boss himself? CEO, Calvin Remoroe, journey through company struggles and strategies and even Romance within the workplace.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning with only 4 hours of sleep from what felt like none at all. I turned my computer on to check for important emails pertaining to the apartment I had scheduled to obtain on my arrival. My inbox reads empty, yet as early as it was did I not feel surprised. Then I heard my phone ringing an unknown number.

"Hello, this is Estella speaking," I answered the phone like a desk receptionist, yet by standard protocol it's polite to address yourself so that the listener is able to identify the recipient on the other end.

"Hi, this is Cross Jade apartments calling to notify you that there has been a change of purchase towards another buying tenant," She politely addressed the situation, "This customer seems to not take no for a reasonable answer, so we were hoping that if it isn't too much trouble that we entitle the apartment to this young gentleman,"

I could feel the phone generating intense heat from ear that led to contract an opposite impact upon my very own skin. I pulled the phone away from my ear to breathe and tried to cool down while without having her wait for too long on the line.

"I just arrived here in Seattle last night, I was hoping to have the keys picked up today. It was also said by an associate who emailed me a day ago," I replied under the heaving panic in my voice. Yet no matter how much I tried to cool down, my body could not handle the pressure.

"I understand. We can arrange a meeting for you both to discuss how you two would like to approach this decision, would that be okay with you?" I could hear that she was trying her best to make a solution out as best as she could and I didn't want to make trouble for her as it wasn't her fault at all.

"I can be there for discussion this afternoon," After we confirmed the time and place, we hung up the phone as I came to terms with what I may have to face.

I planned to give it my best shot as I meditated my mind back to my goals and what I was fighting for. For the hours before the meeting, I spent them making sure I appeared as professional as ever so that my chances of victory were much higher than average. Everything revolves around statistics even in psychological reasoning.

"Hello, Estella. We've set up a meeting room for the both of you here in this room," The woman I spoke with over the phone led me into the conference like room.

"Thank you," I showed her much appreciation for the privacy of our meeting to discuss the giving up of the lease.

I waited patiently as I sipped water from a prepared glass where there was a pitcher of crystal clear filtered water in the middle of the table. I was much more impressed with the finest hospitality I was given when I had first arrived here. There were employees that had offered to park my car for me, hang my jacket, and commence a warm atmosphere when you walk in to speak with the first receptionist you see awaiting to help you.

As I was lost in thought, I had jumped suddenly as the door opened with a click from the knob. I stood up respectfully and bowed to the person that I would be debating with to get the lease for that very nice apartment. When I had risen from my bow, I could not express the fate that had brought this man to me in the same room.

"What a remarkable surprise," It was the highly arrogant man from the plane whom I had the dreadful encounter of being held for the longest time in his arms, but I couldn't just bash him for such a mistake that he even helped me find a hotel, plus getting a free night there as well.

I stood there with shock as I began to fear for the worst outcome of this situation. As he took his seat, I took mine as well. I tried to glimpse to see if any kind of emotion struck on his face with such a fateful encounter. But there was nothing, just complete blankness... expressionless.

"Miss. Divine?" He peered at packet of papers with my photo clipped to the top right corner of what looked to be my full investigated profile. I nodded in correctness as I fidgeted in my seat, I knew that my mind had become blank in front of this man, "I'm afraid your conditions and reasoning to establish housing at this resident was very well thought out, but a bit sloppy. I can offer better,"

"But I had it first," I began to lose the business side of myself and out came the elementary kid that he brought out of me. I closed my eyes to clear my thoughts and took a deep breath, "Sir, I need this, I can't afford another night in a hotel. It was agreed by the terms and conditions that I had read clearly under my electronic signature that this apartment, without any further complications, was to be rented under me,"

He began to flip through the papers and finally a little light had shown upon his face when I had realized that he had my signature as proof on my profile. I couldn't help but smirk at such a poorly analyzed document. Then he sighed deeply and expressed a face full of demonic anger that even my soul was trying to leave me.

"You can either take it or leave it, I have a proposition," He leaned back in his seat, "I will not give up the rent for this apartment, so my proposition is to accept you as a roommate,"

"You're joking, right?" I straightened my back and leaned in closer to the table in disbelief, "Fine, but whoever leaves first and the person who stays gets full resident rights to the apartment, no trespassing,"

He raised an eyebrow out of surprise and smiled slickly as it was more like a challenge her new he could win.

"Agreed, I look forward to having you with me, Estella," He chuckled and I began to fear for my life.

I began to question the offer and the challenge that I had bestowed upon us, more like I've dug my very own grave 1,000 feet under. He left to be served like a king and I went from ground 2 back to ground 0 once again.

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