Living With My Boss

Fresh, newly graduated student is out in search for a job pertaining to her degree to be certified to work in the office of a high paying company. After countless interviews and rejections due to her being 1% lower than the candidate they were in search of. Most companies would not take a chance on a negative percentage, until she leaves her hometown to find Lifestyle Perfections. A company based on helping those outside the business world to becoming top executives or even CEOs of their own business. But aside from that, their CEO is in search for an assistant and Estella Divine was ready to take her chances at such a higher level while knowing that the rate of fire was much higher than most. She was determined to show her strengths, but now she finds herself living with the boss himself? CEO, Calvin Remoroe, journey through company struggles and strategies and even Romance within the workplace.


11. Chapter 11

As the conversation began to die down, I accelerated my research towards cheap living until I found one that needed an immediate tenant. I emailed the owner and had gotten an instant reply stating that I could move in at any time with the exception that I would be living with a roommate, but the plus side is that he's rarely ever home. I closed my laptop and began packing everything, which wasn't much. I scheduled a taxi to pick me up in an hour.

"Where to, Miss?" The cab driver asked as he loaded my suitcase into the trunk of his car.

"Estella? Where are you going?" The hard, enraging voice of Calvin asked as my back faced him. I didn't want him ti see my face.

"I'm going to reside here from now on," I handed him the address and watched as his face became shocked, then he began to laugh, "Why are you laughing?"

"My brother lives there. Are you in love with him?" He crumbled the piece of paper together and placed it in his pocket, "Why are you leaving?"

"Because I heard the conversation," I turned around to face him as a tear escaped from my eye, "You have a wife and I have a reputation,"

He continued to laugh as it was the best joke in the world. After he laughed, he approached me slowly and looked deep into my eyes as he caressed my cheek while wiping that one tear away.

"We're divorced, Estella. We got divorced before I met you at the airport. This whole time I've had my eyes on you," He began to hold me as he wrapped his arms around me, "The cold and ruthless me became a man who truly fell in love with a woman. You'll come to learn that I am nothing but honesty. My ex wife didn't love me. She married another man right after our divorce,"

I could only stand there as he held me. When he parted with me, he gave the struggling driver 500 dollars for the trouble, then after the taxi left. Calvin pulled me into a passionate kiss that I returned without rejection. It would seem that I had also fallen in love with him to the point where it was now enticingly mutual. The night lasted until early morning as we had hot coffee and a conversation that would last for days.

"You've been through that many companies?" He asked surprisingly as I nodded with my coffee in hand while sipping after each good laugh, "They don't know what their missing,"

"That's what I said, but because of their raging jealousy, I couldn't make it through any interviews. Everybody knew everybody in that city," I became mellow as I remembered that disgusting place of a town that stole my dream.

"You're beautiful when your laughing," He complimented.

For a moment we looked into each others eyes where his eyes returned to that attractive stare he would pull off every now and then to make my heart skip a beat. I looked away awkwardly as I stared at the stove without realizing how empty this place really was. I felt the need to accessorize even at a time like this. I looked at the time and gasped at how late it was.

"We need to go to bed, it's already this late," I stood up and he did too.

"Can I sleep with you?" He gave me the face of a puppy that I hadn't seen before, it was quite scary.

"No! Are you crazy!?" I yelled while nearly slamming the door behind me, but I couldn't help smiling like a fool.

What in the world is this man thinking? I can't seem to catch a break, but lord if this is a dream. I can't answer whether I want to wake up or stay. The progression of our relationship skipped sky high levels. Levels that even I didn't imagine passing. I only question whether what I'm doing is right or wrong. Yet only I can be the judge of my actions. It's so infuriating not knowing in what direction I should go.

I later became entwined with the softness of my pillows and the darkness of the room that held me chillingly. Will my love life succeed or will it fall in failure?

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