The Ghost Hunters Daughter ( DP Fan Fic )



"What?" I asked as more tears started running down my cheeks. "Y...Y...You didn' wouldn't." He gulped. "I did Ivory...I'm so sorry sweetie, but it's true." He said. "No! No your both lying! Dad never killed you! Something happened in the lab! You accidentally made a mistake or something exploded! Yeah that's it. Something exploded." I said trying to convince myself that my dad couldn't have possibly done this. No! I refuse to believe that he killed her. My mom let me go. "Honey its true." She said. "Shut up! Just...shut up! You were the crazy one in this family, no wonder why I came out like this!" She looked mad just then: her eyes glowed a bright green and that's when she grabbed me around the throat and lifted me up off the ground. "I'm not crazy!" She shouted I started grabbing at her hands trying to break free from her grip as it was getting harder and harder to breath. There was a loud snapping sound and just as I was about to close my eyes the grip around my throat was gone and I sucked in all of the air that I possibly could. "Hey are you ok?" Came a voice, it was Danny! "Yeah...yeah I think so." I said, I felt him lift my face up so that he could see my face better then I opened my eyes and looked at him my green eyes met his. He smiled at me as I weakly smiled back at him. "Hey love birds we have work to do!" Dani suddenly shouted and we both blushed, but got up. My mother was still down from when Danny had struck her with his powers and had sent her flying across the room and smashing into the wall. "What should we do now?" Dani asked and I took a deep breath. "Finish her off." I said as I started approaching her still form: I was now hovering over her, my hand radiating from my ghost powers. I was about to end her when she suddenly had the strength to srike me first and I went flying across the room and crashed into the wall , I hit the ground and groaned as I slowly got up and held the side of my arm as I started walking towards the others. Danny shot at my mother taking her down a couple of times, but she got right back up again. To be honest every time Danny shot at her and brought her down I started feeling weaker and weaker. I finally put my hand on Dannys arm. "S..s..stop d..d..Danny, p..p..please." I begged and he looked down at me. "Ivory!" He exclaimed as I collapsed to the ground and he caught me I looked over at my mother she was in the same state that I was in unable to move or do anything. One more blast and she was done for, but the question that now lingered in my head was, 'Was I going to be done for as well?' Without warning someone blasted their powers at her and she slowly disappeared into the ground. I laid there in Dannys arms trying to catch my breath, my whole body was numb I could barely move. "Ivory?" Danny asked in a soft voice. "Y...y...yes?" I stuttered, he was silent for a moment then there was darkness.

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