The Ghost Hunters Daughter ( DP Fan Fic )



"How much further?!" Jazz called up to us and I looked down at her. "Not much further!" I called back down to her, I looked over at Danny. "I'll go on ahead...and see if I can see him, i'll call to you if I find anything." He hesitated, but nodded his head. I nodded mine and took off ahead of them, flying over buildings and trees watching people and cars zipping up and down roads and birds chirping. I soon came upon the little bit darker side of town and I became really worried right then and there. "Oh dad I hope your alright." I said aloud. A few minutes later I saw a dark figure running into a dark alleyway. I hesitantely followed the dark figured, but he disappeared by the time I rounded the corner, I flew down the alleyway and saw the dark figure running into another one. I kept following him until I felt a big blow to the side of my head, then there was complete darkness. "Ivory?..." My eyelids slowly fluttered open it was all a blur, the side of my head hurt so badly, and I could barely move. "Ivory?" Came the voice again and I groaned. "Is she going to be alright mom?" Where am I? What happened? Where is my dad? "I'm sure she'll be fine Jazz." Jazz?! Than that means i'm at Dannys' place, but where is Danny? Is he hurt? What's going on? "Where is Danny?" Mrs. Fenton asked. "I think he's with Sam and Tucker." Jazz said, but I could hear the uncertainty in her voice: I just hope Mrs. Fenton didn't notice it. "Ok, well I'm going to go downstairs and make something to eat for Ivory in case she wakes up." She said then I heard her footsteps as she left. "Ok mom." It was silent for a moment until I felt sure that her mom was gone then I opened my eyes. "Ivory..." But before Jazz could say anything else I stopped her. "Shh..." She nodded her head and I sighed heavily, realizing that the side of my head still hurts and I rubbed it. "Ah..." I hissed under my breath. "What do you remember?" Jazz asked. "I don't really remember that much, all I remember is following this dark figure down alleyways, and then I don't remember anything else after that." I said. "Danny and I found you." She said. "Where is Danny?" I asked and she cleared her throat. "Still looking for your dad. As soon as we found you laying on the ground he unstructured me to take you back here and since then I haven't heard anything from him since." I widened my eyes. "How long ago was that?" She gulped. "A few hours." I gasped and immediately sat up. "I have to go and find him!" I exclaimed as I tried to get out of bed. "No Ivory you have to stay here and get some rest." She tried to push me back down. "But they might be in trouble and I'm the only one who can help them." Jazz shook her head. "I understand your worried about them, but Danny can take care of himself." She said trying to ease my worry, but that wasn't enough: she doesn't know my mom like I do. "You don't understand Jazz she's..." "Oh good your awake, how are you feeling Ivory?" Mrs. Fenton suddenly asked walking into the room, 'oh no,' I thought to myself. "Umm...ok I guess." I said. "Well I made you some soup and and some herbal tea: maybe eating something might help." She smiled as she set the tray of food down in front of me. "Thank you Mrs. Fenton." I smiled weakly as she left the room. "Your welcome." When she was gone Jazz looked at me oddly. "Who?" She asked and a tear ran down my cheek. "My mother...she's no other ghost Hunter I know. My dad's strong, but she's stronger." I said. "Dannys strong Ivory." Jazz said and I looked up at her. "It doesn't matter Jazz...she has captured ghosts before and the ones she has captured have never been seen again." She sighed. "Your just overreacting Ivory, Danny will be just fine on his own." She smiled and brushed it off like it would nothing, but I knew that she was dead wrong about it being was something alright.

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