Unforgotten Souls

Nicole had a power no other living being had,She could see and hear ghosts,Her family was killed when she had turned six so she was an orphan.But finally at the age of 18 she had moved out of town with her friends into a house on an empty hill.


3. Chapter 2-Leaving Town

"Believe Only Half Of What You See,And Nothing You Hear"---Edgar Allan Poe

~Nicole's Point Of View~

I sighed and grabbed the stuff in my locker,Putting it in a bag,Today I was moving with a few friends of mine,Once I finished out my locker I went to my main class room and knocked on the door,Seeing my friend Anna talking to our teacher,"Come in!"I hear the teacher yell and I walk in the room,Closing the door behind be quietly,"I-I came to get t-to get my s-stuff......"I whisper looking down nervous and Anna frowns a bit,Knowing today was the day my parents died."Oh,I forgot about you moving....."Ms.Martinez said with a frown,And she stood up going to the class cabinet,"Anna help Ms.Johnson pack up,Your leaving too aren't you?"Ms.Martinez asked and Anna nods replying with,"Yes Ma'am,And so is a few others,We are going out of town so Nicole can forget about what happened to her.....Parents......".

I just stayed silent when Anna brought up my parents and I started to pack my stuff from this class,"Don't forget you have other stuff to get in Mr.Hayashi's class Nicole."Anna said and I nod at her whispering,"Yeah.....I know that....".Soon when I finished getting the stuff from my desk and Anna grabs her full bag,I walked to the door with Anna."Ms.Johnson,Would you please stay behind?"The teacher asked and I nod,"A-Anna you go and find Aria....Okay?"I asked looking at Anna who nods walking out the room.I walked over to the teacher and sat down on one of the desks,"As you know Nicole,You have a special gift to see spirits,You remember the day my mother came in to do her spiritual stuff?"She asks and I slowly nod,"Yes,I do.She wouldn't stop doing her spiritual witch voodoo stuff around me....".

"Well that's because she said she SAW something LATCH onto you."The teacher said and I just stared at her shocked,"Y-You mean to tell me...That my power to see ghosts and to talk to spirits is attracting like these....these demons and spirits?!"I ask her and she nods,After she nodded there was an awkward silence between us,But she broke it,"Welp,I think its time you head off to look for your friends.Your train is leaving in an hour is that right?"She asked and I nod,"O-Oh!Yea!Bye Ms.Martinez!"I say and walk to the door,But before I opened it She called me again,"Oh and Nicole!Take this....It was given to my father from his father many years ago,It may be in some help for you....."She said and gave me a necklace.I smiled at her whispering a thank you before I left the classroom to find Anna and the others.


~Anna's Point Of View~

I ran down the halls to look for our friends Aria and Justin (I am not being racist I just never see any of them in books and that pissed me off!>~<)But while I was running to look for them I bumped into my friend Jasmine  who was grabbing her books and stuff from her locker,"Oh!Hey Anna!"She said with a smile closing her locker.I smiled back at her and the smell of Peaches filled the air,I guess it was Jasmine's peach smelling hair."Hey Jasmine!Have you seen Justin And Aria?"I asked and she shakes her head,"Hmmmm.....Let me think.....The last time I saw them was.....when DJ took them to the mall,But that was a week ago!"She said and I sighed,

"Well,Thanks for your help anyways,You still up for heading out of town to the house?"I asked and she nods with a sweet smile,"Oh!I'm up for it!It'll give me the chance to get away from my mom!".When she said that I laughed and she laughed with me,"Well,You should go to the Taxi,Nicole is waiting for us."I say and Jasmine smiled walking off but not before saying,"You know,Nicole has had some rough moments,We should do a surprise for her!".


I run down the halls to Class-D and I saw my friend Justin (I am not being racist I just never see any of them in books and that pissed me off!>~<)"Justin!"I yell and he turns around holding his phone,A shocked look on his face,"Anna....You might wanna see this....."He said and showed me a video of these teens checking out the house,"Wait,Isn't that the house WE are staying at?"I asked and he nods,"Yea,The video is called Checking Out A Haunted House Part 1....."He said and I sighed a bit,"We need to keep this away from Nicole and the others...."I said,"Agreed."He said and grabbed his bag walking out the room,Probably to the taxi.Once I got the others I walked out the school and mentally kissed it goodbye,Before I got in the final Taxi that had arrived.

And soon.The school was out of sight and I was heading out of town to catch up with my friends to get on the train that would take us to Eastmarllow.Goodbye Wyvernholt.

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