Unforgotten Souls

Nicole had a power no other living being had,She could see and hear ghosts,Her family was killed when she had turned six so she was an orphan.But finally at the age of 18 she had moved out of town with her friends into a house on an empty hill.


2. Chapter 1-Nicole's Past Part Two

"A Glimpse Into The World Proves That Horror Is Nothing Other Than Reality"~Alfred Hitchcock


I yawn a bit and sat up in my bed,Today was my birthday and I was SO excited!You see,Mommy said once I'm six years old,I can go back to school and make friends!

Yes,I don't go to school anymore,Reason why is because of my disorder,The teachers were creeped out by me sometimes.But Daddy always told me to ignore them and to be myself,Mommy and Daddy give me good advice that I can use,Now,Back to the story.

I got dressed in my little dress that Daddy got me a few weeks ago,And I ran out the room downstairs,"Honey!"I hear mommy yell and she picked me up.

"Mommy,Wheres daddy?"I asked tilting my head to the side a bit and she giggles,"Hes going to the store to get ready for the party we're gonna have!"She said and I smiled,"Yaaaay!".She puts me down and then goes to the kitchen to bake the cake cause I can smell it,Which made me hungry,"Mommy!Can I have some toast?"I asked and she set a plate of pancakes in front of me after I sat down,"There you go honey!"Mommy said in a cheerful voice and I giggle,"I love you mommy."

"I love you too Nicole..."Mommy said and then she turned the TV on so I can watch something,AKA


Mommy,You know me so well,I watched the show and ate the pancakes at the same time but then the News interrupted and that made me sad,"Awwww-"

"Shh..."Mommy said and looked at the TV.

"We are sorry to interrupt this TV program,But there has been a car accident at the western side of the town."

When mommy said western side of the the town she was praying that it wasn't Daddy,"Lord and Jesus,Please let that not be Destery,Please,Please PLEASE!"She prayed and I just kept watching the TV.

"We know only one of the victims in the crash and his name is Destery Johnson,A twenty one year old man who was seemingly getting stuff for a party."The news reporter said and Mommy was now crying.

I stayed silent and stood up out of my seat,Heading to the door,"Nicole,Nicole don't go far outside..."Mommy said trying to keep it together which was failing because she and daddy were in love.I closed the door and walked to the small little pond that behind the house and I cried.

"God....W-Why daddy?"I asked and cried harder hugging myself.As I cried I felt like someone was watching me,But if it were the little boy with no eyes,Then I'm out.

"Pitter...."I hear someone say and I looked up knowing it was the little boy,I saw him standing right in front of me staring down at me,But he wasn't grinning,Or smiling,He was frowning,"W-W-Who are you...?"I asked and he said below a whisper,"Ashwin....".

I was about to say something when I heard mommy,"Honey!Come get ready,We're going to the hospital to see your dad!".

"Can Ashwin come?!"I ask looking back at her and she raised a brow,"Whos that?!""A ghost!".Mommy hears it was a ghost and I look back to see Ashwin gone,"Never mind mommy....Hes gone!"I yell and ran over to her as she started the car.

~During The Car Ride~

I looked out the window of the car,Just feeling sick,Why did it have to be daddy?I glance at mommy and she was staring at the road,Driving,And trying to stay calm,"Nicole....Who is Ashwin?"She asked."The ghost boy I saw in the woods yesterday when I was walking in the woods...."I said and she stayed silent.

"Pitter Patter....."I hear and I looked at the seat next to me to see Ashwin sitting in the seat.I stayed silent while I looked at him and Mommy caught me looking at the empty seat,"Honey.....Is Ashwin here right now...?"She asked and I looked at her,"Yes,Why?"I asked and she sucked in some air.

"Nicole....When you were born,You had a twin that we were gonna name Ashwin....But...When I gave birth to you,It made Ashwin a Still-Born...."Mommy said and I stayed silent for a few seconds,"Your saying I have a Twin BROTHER?"

"Yes...."Mommy said and I looked at Ashwin to see he was looking at me with a frown still.I frown a bit and I grabbed his hand,It was cold.And I mean cold.....


Mommy parked the car and got out after me,"Nicole....Make sure you don't get in trouble while we're in the hospital,Okay...?"

"Okay...."I said and Ashwin was gone.Mommy nods a bit and she walked in the hospital,me following.

"Destery Johnson...."Mommy said to the lady and she nods,"Third floor,first room to the left."The lady said and Mommy nods grabbing my hand walking to the elevator.

"Let me go in first honey,Some of these things crash...."Mommy said and she walked in the elevator,"Ok,Its safe...."She said and I was about to walk in it until it started to shake,"Nicole-"Mommy was cut off by the elevator door closing and it fell downwards.

I hear a crash noise and I saw blood go high up and then fell back down to the elevator,"MOMMY!!!"I scream and was just about ready to jump down but one of the nurses grabbed me and hugged me as I cried.

"911 whats your emergency?"

"The elevator crashed!Someone was killed!"I hear the desk lady say and I was sitting on a chair,staring at her.

"Who was it ma'am?"

"This little girls mother,They were going to see one of the patient...."

"Is the little girl ok?"The person asked and the lady nods,"Yes,Shes right here,Do you need to talk to her?"

"We will talk to her when we get there."The person said and the desk lady hung up.I just kept staring at her and She looked back at me,"Whats your name honey?"

"Nicole...."I whispered and I felt a hand touch me,I looked at the seat next to me and I saw it was Ashwin.The lady raised a brow and saw me looking at nothing,"Nicole?What are you looking at?"She asked and I look back at her,"My brother Ashwin...."I say in no tone and soon the cops show up.

"Wheres the little girl?"One asked and I raised my hand.They looked at me and saw I was actually little and man were they shocked,"O-Okay......Whats your name honey?"


"What happened?"

"Daddy was in a car crash and we were coming to see him in this hospital,But when we were gonna go in the elevator,She went first and I was about to go in after her until the door closed and she fell..."I said and I tried to not cry.The police wrote ALL of that down and one of them said,"We need to take you to an orphanage...."She said and I slowly nod.

The cop grabbed my hand and she ushered me out hospital into her car as she drove me to a orphanage.Story of my life starts now....

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