Unforgotten Souls

Nicole had a power no other living being had,She could see and hear ghosts,Her family was killed when she had turned six so she was an orphan.But finally at the age of 18 she had moved out of town with her friends into a house on an empty hill.


1. Chapter 1-Nicole's Past Part One

"If I cannot inspire LOVE,I will cause FEAR"~Mary Shelley



~Nicole's Pov/Past~(She was around 5 when this happened)

"Mommy,Daddy!"I heard someone yell but no one

was in the house but me,Mommy and Daddy.I looked at my Mom and Dad but they were cooking food,"Mommy,Daddy?"I asked

"Yes honey?"Mom said as she looked away from the food she and dad were cooking,"What was that noise??"I asked and she raised a brow,"What noise?"

"I heard someone yell "Mommy Daddy!" but...I can't see them....."I said and Daddy put the rest of the food in oven as he took his mittens off,"Well honey,There was no noise,Maybe it was a kid outside!"Daddy said and picked me up with a smile on his face,"Now,Who wants to go to the park?"He asked and I giggled raising my hand,"I do!I Do!"."Me too Daddy!"The voice said again as it was closer to me than it was to daddy,But I didn't look since I didn't wanna scare mommy and daddy.

~Time To Head To The Park~

Soon daddy stopped the car and he pulled me out the car with mommy and he smiled holding my hand,I giggled a bit and soon ran to field,DRAGGING mommy and daddy,When I stopped,They fell on the ground,"Are you two ok?"I asked and giggled at them as they panted."Yeah....We just ummm....need to catch our breath...."Mommy said slowly as her breath was coming back.I nod a bit,"Okay!"I said and soon I ran off,But while I was running I heard Mommy and Daddy yell,"Don't go far now!".I ran in the woods and I saw another family playing with their kids,I smiled a bit and they looked at me,waving.I waved back and soon I walked deeper in the woods,"Help...."I heard something whisper in my ears but nothing was there

"Hello?"I asked and the person only replied with,"Save me!".I guess I'm just hearing things?Mommy says I hear things a lot because of a disorder I have called...Umm....What was it called again?Never mind that,"Whos there?!"I asked a bit more worried for my safety,One,I was lost in the woods not sure where to go to get back,Two,I'm hearing voices more than once,I only hear a voice once a day,But each day its different,I've heard voices three times today!Its starting to creep me out,"Mommy!Daddy!"I scream hoping they could hear me but no luck,I think.Then I heard a twig snap.





I hear someone repeating that as it grew louder and louder as if someone was walking near me,It was coming from behind me,"Pitter.....Patter....."It said and I slowly turned around.Key word.SLOWLY.And me slowly turning around was making it WORSE because I can't stand slow things!

Soon,I was turned around completely and I saw a little boy,With brown eyes,Pale white,Blonde hair,and something that made me scream,He was covered in blood with a creepy grin and no EYES.(Eyeless Jack,Is that you?If so,THEN LEAVE!THIS ISN'T A CREEP BOOK AND IT NEVER WILL BE!)


"M-M-Mommy....."I said and slowly backed away from the dead boy as he slowly came closer

"Patter...."He said darkly and soon,He was gone.In thin air.Poof.

After that,I just ran until I was grabbed by someone thinking it was the boy I screamed,"STAY AWAY FROM ME!I DON'T WANNA DIE!"

"Nicole!Nicole!Calm down!Its your daddy!"I hear daddy say and I stopped screaming to look at him with tears in my eyes,"Daddy?"I asked sorta not sure if it WAS him or not."Yes honey,Theres no one else who can be as pretty as me..."He said and I broke down to crying as I hugged his leg,"I-It was so scary daddy!"

~After an hour of crying~

It was getting dark already and Mommy was packing up while Daddy and I played a bit longer,But I was also tired and I was having to force myself to stay awake long enough for mommy to get done with packing,"Nicole honey?"I hear daddy ask and I looked at him with a confused kawaii look,"Yes daddy?"I asked tilting my head to the side a bit,"Why were you yelling when I grabbed you?"He asked and I stayed silent for a few minutes before saying,"I saw a ghost daddy....."But once I did say that,Mommy was done and I ran to her so she could help me in the car.

She was driving this time since Daddy almost got us killed.

I looked out the window to look at the park one last time for today and I saw the boy again,But he was on the swings just looking at me.

Then I remembered the family I saw in the woods,Why were that in the woods...?I just think I need a nap,Maybe this was all a dream

Messed up 

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