Secrets kill

We all have secrets, some we share and some we have to keep to ourselves.


2. Meeting Dustin Oakley

*****Kayden's pov*****

"Asher? Levi? What are you two doing down here?" I questioned as i approached both of my younger brothers. "Well...Levi needed to use the bathroom. So....being the good brother that i am...i took him to the bathroom. Isn't that right Levi." Levi smiled but the only thing that could come out of his mouth was a yeah. "Moms gonna kill you. She's probably looking for the both of you right now." My arms were crossed as i kept eye contact with Asher. He looked around and gave me a smile. I sighed. "You know what. Just go back to my dorm. That's where everybody is." He looked at me confusingly. "And where are you going missy?" I smiled before ruffling his hair which he did not like as he took my hand off of his head. "I'm going to explore. Don't worry Ash. I'll be back for dinner." I winked at him and started to walk by him without looking back. Once i reached the door that led outside, I swung it open and took a step outside. I paused and debated if i should go back in because it was freezing. The idea of wearing a short sleeve shirt when it's 20 degrees outside was a stupid one. I'll admit but do i really wanna walk back inside to my chaotic family....nahh. I looked around and noticed that their was a cute little café across the street. I smiled and carefully crossed the street. The friction between my hands and arms didn't create much warmth as i rubbed my hands up and down my arm. A thank you made it's way out of my frozen lips as a man opened the door for me as he to realized that it was a stupid idea for me to wear a shirt sleeve shirt outside today. After fifteen minutes of waiting in a line to order a hot chocolate, i found a table in the middle of the room with two chairs facing each other. I sat in the chair facing the window. I stared at the empty chair in front of me. Gosh i really hope i make friends really quickly. My elbows touched the table as i planted my face in the palm of my hands. There was a constant taping on my shoulder. I looked up to see the waitress with my hot chocolate. I smiled at her and thanked her. She placed the hot chocolate in front of me. The steam came out of the cup like a snake coming out of a vase. I place my hands over the hot chocolate like it was a fire pit. The warmth spread throughout my hands and i've never been so happy to regain feeling in my fingers. "Not use to the cold weather huh?" The empty seat in front of me was now occupied by a man in a leather jacket and sun glasses. He had brown spiky hair yet it seemed to look so soft. "Yeah wasn't really prepared for the cold." I chuckled. He flashed a smile and noticed that this man had remarkable white, sparkling teeth. I looked back down at my mug of hot chocolate and rapped my hands around it. The man began to speak again. "So did you just get here?" He said as he leaned back in his chair. "Yeah actually I just got here today. I'm an incoming freshmen." I replied. "Oh cool. I'm an incoming freshmen too but i've been here for the past few days for lacrosse pre season." He stated. I wondered to myself before speaking again. "My brothers on the lacrosse team actually. Wyatt Trinity. Do you know him? He's a junior." I saw his eyes brighten up. "Of course i know Wyatt. He's super chill. He's been like an older brother for the few days i've been here." I raised my eye brows in shock. "I wouldn't know what that's like. We haven't had time to hang out." I mumbled as i swirled the hot chocolate with my straw. "Oh...How come?" He said with concern in his voice. I let out a little chuckle. "He's been to busy with his new pal Dylan O'brien whose apparently this huge celebrity according to my twin sister Willow." I noticed he moved in his seat a little bit. "You don't know who Dylan O'brien is?" He coughed. I sat back in my seat and crossed my arms. "No...I know that he's coming to BU to play lacrosse but other then that i don't know who this guy is. Do you?" The man shock his head and replied. "No not really." I sighed in relief. Thank god i'm not the only person who doesn't know him. I covered my mouth in shock. The man jumped. "Oh i am so sorry!" I said while i covered my eyes and shock my head. "You are?" He said confusingly. "Yes! I totally forgot to introduce myself. Hi i'm Kayden Trinity." I said as i reached my hand across the table. He took off his sunglasses and looked at me with his light brown eyes with relief. His hand made contact with mine and we shock hands. "Hi i'm... Dustin...Oakley." I flashed him a smile. "Nice to meet you Dustin."

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