Secrets kill

We all have secrets, some we share and some we have to keep to ourselves.


1. Dylan O'brien who?

*****Kayden's pov*****

Once i arrived to my college dorm room, i thew all my stuff on the floor and plopped right on the bed. I stared at the ceiling of the empty room. I could hear my mother sigh. "Kayden please move all your crap from the door way so that your brothers and I can come in." I rolled my eyes and slowly rolled off the bed. "Where's dad?" I said as I dragged the luggages of things i need to survive college, to the corner. "He's helping your sister move into her dorm room." The sound of sniffling echoed in the room. After a few minutes of looking around confusingly, I turned to my mother who was dabbing her eyes with a soft tissue. She looked at me and laughed. "Don't mind me sweetie. It's just that. It's just that the thought of you and Willow leaving for college finally hit me. It was tough dropping your brother, Wyatt, off to college last year but it's even harder letting my two and only girls leave me with these chaotic boys." A laugh seemed to have found it's way out of my body. I walked over to my mom and gave her a hug. "Mom, as much as i would love to say that me and Willow are grown teen girls who don't need their mom, we both know that these twins, can't survive Boston alone." I heard a few chuckles come out of her mouth. After a few minutes of complete silence, the voice of my other half seemed to have been getting closer and closer. "Wyatt, I just got here I'm not going to organize your closet for you and your room mate." Willow said as she filed her nails and entered my room. "Willow come on. Can't you do your big bro a favor? I wouldn't be asking you if it wasn't important." Wyatt said as he followed Willow. "Alright enough you two." Dad said as he approached my mom and I. "Dad. It's actually important. I won't have time to organize my closet. I have lacrosse coming up and before that starts i promised a new lacrosse player that goes by the name Dylan O'brien" Wyatt couldn't even finish his sentence before Willow cut him off. "YOU KNOW DYLAN O'BRIEN!!!" She said basically screaming into his ear. Wyatt covered her mouth so that he could continue what he was saying. "As i was saying...I promised him that i would tour him around campus. You know. Show him how we roll at Boston University." Willow pried his hands off her mouth and started breathing heavy. "Wait...He's....He's coming here?" I looked at her as if she was an alien. She didn't notice my facial expression as she was to busy drooling over this Dylan O'brien guy. I coughed hoping everybody's gazes would turn to me. "Not to be "that person" but whose Dylan O'brien?" I asked in fear of getting attacked by my sister but all i got was a disgusted face from her. "Beats me. I just know him as some guy who can play lacrosse." Wyatt commented. Willowed mumbled things under her breath before replying. "You two baboons. Dylan O'brien is one of the most attractive guys in this world. Not only is he insanely attractive but he's super famous. You guys don't recognize him from teen wolf? Or Maze Runner?" Me and Wyatt both looked at each other and shook our heads. In my defense, I don't really have time to watch tv and movies like Willow does. I'm completely focused on my future. My heads all ways in the books. Studying my little brain away. "Sorry Willow." I replied as I headed towards the door. "But I don't know who Dylan O'brien is. Never mind what he looks like." I chuckled and took a left out of my dorm room and into the hall filled with luggages and other crap girls want but don't need.

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