Legend of the Dragon Riders

The People's Rebellion against the Mad King has sparked a witch hunt for magic users and the element of magic itself. A young girl fears for her life as she hides away all while attempting to stop a prophecy that's meant to destroy her chaotic world.


1. Prologue

  The woodlands grew increasingly  unwelcoming each passing moment. The stories and songs about lost people in the dark woods, never to return again were endless. Unfortunately, the girl would have to cope for now. The nearest inn was only mere minutes away and it didn't seem like her lantern wouldn't last any longer than that. Holding her cloak gave her little to no comfort as the trees creaked. Their twisted branches caused them to look like demons, waiting to attack her. The girl kept chanting to herself, she was almost out. Almost out of this hell, almost to him.

"Who goes there?!" a man's voice called.

The voice made her jump and lose her train of thought.

"I-I'm...Selene. I'm here for a short stay in this inn." she answered.

Selene was the fake name she always used. She and her mother would use fake names whenever they travelled, it would be dangerous to not take up a name with the ongoing hunt for magic users. It began before she was born with the war against the magical highborn family. They say magic made the one kind, gentle King go mad.

The man folded his arms and had a suspicion expression on his face.

"Staying here ain't free."

It didn't take a priest to realize he was the innkeeper.

"I have money." she retorted and proved so by throwing him a sack of gold coins.

The man caught it successfully and examined the coins. Upon a few moments, he nodded.

"We have an open room. I hope you like your bed made of hay."

"As long as I get to rest peacefully sir, any bed is fine."

With that, he lead her to her room and as she opened the door, she found the room to be small and simple. The innkeeper wasn't lying about the hay bed. It was literally so with a small desk at its side.

"You get one night," he grunted before slamming the door.

She listened for the sound of his footsteps to disappear before lighting a candle and setting her bag, to take out her dragon egg.

It was a a beautiful deep shade of red with scales running all around its sides. The egg appeared to shimmer as the light hit the scales. This was the only evidence of her apocalyptic visions, the only evidence of the existence of dragons, the only evidence of her mother's love.

"This has been passed down from our family for thousands of years. You are meant to have it my dear." her mother's voice echoed.

A dark spirit will raise the dead and lead an army to rule a world shrouded in darkness and despair. Four riders, four dragons will attempt to stop this spirit. Jasmine's vision have yet to show how it ends.

No man has been in the presence of a dragon for thousands of years, let alone a dragon egg. She needed to find the other four before the dark spirit gets to them first. Maybe the boy from her visions knows something about the other eggs.

The girl's heart fluttered at the thought of the beautiful boy. She would try push the feelings away but would fail every time. His bright blue eyes, pale skin, and dark hair made her believe he was one of the ancient fae people. Her visions want her to find him and she feels he's close.

The girl finally realized how tired upon lying on the bed of straw, she felt her body ache from her escape. Within seconds, she was asleep, allowing her visions to take over.

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