Legend of the Dragon Riders

The People's Rebellion against the Mad King has sparked a witch hunt for magic users and the element of magic itself. A young girl fears for her life as she hides away all while attempting to stop a prophecy that's meant to destroy her chaotic world.


2. Jasmine

The nightmares worsened when her mother died. There was no one to protect her. Jasmine's dreams are now filled with gore, death, and the agonizing feeling of no hope and despair. Red and black were the only two colors shown. The Dark One is catching up to her no matter how fast she runs. It doesn't matter if she shoots blasts of her fiery magic at it, the figure only gets closer. The weight on her legs and feet became increasingly heavier until she couldn't move at all. Jasmine screamed for help but alas no one was around to her her cries. The Dark Spirit approached her an-

"Wake up you twat!"

Jasmine sat up and shrieked from the shock. She felt herself shake and her eardrums nearly bursting from a shout. Once she realized it was the innkeeper's voice, she slowly began to calm down.

"It's practically noon! I said you got one night! There is a crowd outside and I don't need no squatter hoggin' the beds!"

Jasmine's eyes widened. Noon?

"I-I'm sorry si-" She held in her gasp when upon realizing the dragon egg sat in the open of the room.

How could she be so careless?

"I apologize sir," she repeated while swiftly grabbing the egg and shoving it into her sack. Jasmine wrapped her cloak around her and gave the innkeeper a few extra coins.

"I am truly sorry." she apologized for the third time.

"Get your ass out of my inn!"

She didn't have to be told twice.

Jasmine traveled through the now less threatening woods for nearly half the day. The woodland during sunset was  great contrast from the night, the day woods were soothing and welcoming. She felt comforted by the bird's tunes and remembered when she and her mother used to mock them. Her mother had a better singing voice than she'll ever have. Never again will Jasmine hear her lullabies. The sounds of running water lifted her from her thoughts. Her hand automatically went to feel her water sack to find that it was nearly empty. She was also feeling a tad parched. A little bath would help her get back to finding more clues.

She followed the booming sound of water to discover an astonishing waterfall. The scenery itself was beautiful with the setting sun's light causing the water to give off a sparkle. The running water could relax the most violent of warriors. Jasmine took off her sack to refill and refresh. As she too a sip, a sense of freshness and relief ran through her body. She was in euphoria the moment she slipped from her clothes and dipped her whole body into the water.

Her bliss was short lived upon hearing a stray splash that quite didn't go with the rhythm of the water. It was coming from under the waterfall. Out of curiosity, she waded over the splashing and to her surprise, the source was coming from a boy. It was as if the water moved and flowed as he did. The boy was so light and graceful.

It was magic. He was performing water magic.

As his body turned towards Jasmine's direction, she came to a realization.

This was the boy of her dreams.

The boy caught her staring and locked eyes with her. His icy pools were filled with shock while her citrine ones were filled with amazement.

The boy was about to flee when Jasmine got close enough to grab his arm.

"N-no wait!" she begged. "I'm like you!"

"How do I know you're not one of those hunters?" He asked with fear and suspicion.

Jasmine gently let go of the boy's arm and when she was sure he wouldn't leave, she snapped her fingers and instantly, a fire lit across the palm of her hand.

The boy eyes her hand in wonder.

"I'm like you." she repeated, "and I've been searching for you for years."

The boy gave her a confused look.

"I-I'm sorry you had to wait so long." he responded sincerely. "What was your name again?"

"I'm Jasmine. I don't believe I got yours."


She tried his name on her lips and decided she loved it.

"Why were you looking for me?"

Jasmine lead Jasper over to her sack. The gripped the tip and eyed the forrest before lifting the flap to reveal the dragon egg.

Jasper's amazed expression never left the moment she showed him her magic, but somehow he looked even more amazed.

"There's this prophecy that a dark spirit will conquer our world and that four dragon riders will attempt to defeat the spirit. In my vision, I saw you riding a dragon into battle so, I want to believe that I need to give this to you. I wish to find other eggs as well to give to their riders but they have yet to show up in my visions."

It felt good to let this off her chest and explain her heavy situation to someone.

"You think I'll ride a dragon? I thought  they died out thousands of years ago."

"You're looking at a potential dragon now." she retorted.

Jasper continued to examine the egg and run his fingers across the scales.

"What happens now?"

"I wait for more visions to come and continue to look for more signs. You are more than welcome to come with me. I'll understand if you don't" Jasmine explained with nervousness  in her voice. She bowed her head, anticipating a let down.

Suddenly something cool run against her cheek and lifted her head to see that it was the beautiful boy's hand. Jasmine hoped he didn't see her blush.

"I'll have to ask my parents first. Would you mind coming to my home? I'm sure it's better than some uncomfortable woodland. The sun has nearly set as well. I'm sure you've heard of the songs and stories of people going into the woods at night, never to be seen again."

Jasmine couldn't help but chuckle.

"Everyone knows about that!"

She hesitated on his offer before deciding. She was born to always stay on her toes because spies were everywhere. She knew she was risking it with revealing her magic to Jasper, but she knows she can trust him. He's part of the prophecy after all. Why couldn't  she trust him now?

"I'd be honored to see your home."

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