The City

Harvey is a farmer boy is leaving his country roots to the city to find a job and a more modern life. He finds new friends on his journeys and has love intrest.
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1. Early Life

I grew up on a farm a mile away from a small village which was 5 miles from a town. My farm had a barn with some cows, a sty with some pigs, a pen with sheep and a coop with chickens. in my house was a dog and a cat. We had a stable with two horses and we had a small area of land that we grew potatoes on. It was a simple life and i went to the small school in the village, it only had 50 pupils and 2 teachers. I would wake in the morning and go to school and come home and work on the farm and go to bed in the week days and in the weekend i went to the saturday morning cartoons in the cinema and came home to work on the farm and that was my weekly routine for the first 20 years of my life. On my 20th birthday i realised i needed a job and a career. My dad met my mum in the village market and got married the same week they met and my dad wants that for me but that was years ago and i want more, he is sick and dying and wants me to take over the farm and keep it a family thing but i think ill rent it to someone.
 I left home the week after i turned 20 and set of to the town before heading to the city to just get used to the bigger are and more people. I signed into a hotel. The man at the counter didnt look too bright and i had to tell him most of the simple things. The date,the time etc. "And what is the date?". The man asked for the third time. "The 19th of April 1994 sir". I answered in a pained manner. he nodded and asked me my name. "Harvey Redding" I answered impatiently. The man bustled of and in five seconds he came back with a key. "Come to the counter for room service and enjoy your stay".he said in a bored fasion and then came and carried my bag to my room and showed me in. I lay on the bed and fell into a heavy sleep.


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