What happens when your best friends fall for you? Are you going to accept the love triangle? Will it all demolish you friendships? Will there be jealousy?
Read to find out

Fan Fiction of Nathaniel K Garner
A Pumanana02 Original
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1. Prologue

7 years ago

It was my 11th birthday party. All my friends were invited, which was practically the whole of year six since we were vulnerable and had no idea about all the two faced people out there...just the haters.

My three closest friends were there; Ainsley, Nate and Mason. We understood each other so much, I guess that's how we were so close. Ainsley's parents were up late arguing on a daily basis, The other kids were starting to mock Nate, Mason's Dad left him and his Mum was depressed and thinking suicidal thoughts.

As for me, I had all of these situations all in one; my parents had broken up a year ago but were living under the same roof for my support but they constantly argued, they didn't do it in front of my eyes but they did it, they did it whilst I was 'sleeping'. My Mum was diagnosed with depression and she was an alcoholic too, she thought about suicide daily, I didn't know much about her thoughts much at the time but as I grew older I learnt more.

On top of all this, I was being mocked because my Mum couldn't buy me decent clothing. The thirteen year olds even said that they wouldn't be surprised if my Dad walked away without even looking back, I knew he wouldn't, he was planning on getting custody over me.

My Dad was the one that arranged my party, it was being held in the local pavilion. It was a small one, in a small town in the Welsh country-side. Living in the country was a shame but I did want to travel the world once I was old enough.

The party was a small one with those little triangle sandwiches and crisps so you could help your selves. There were tables one side of the room to eat, on the other side of the room there was nothing, just empty space to dance. My Dad had brought his wireless bluetooth speaker to connect to his iPod nano (ik it's like the really old version but hello I live in a poor family). He thought of some games to play like; musical chairs, a football game outside on the pitch and some childish competitions but he was trying. Of course he forked out a lit of money for this but that wasn't the end, he had spent loads of money on an expensive cake and a load of things for party bags. All together it was great, the effort my Dad put into it was outstanding, I loved him infinite.

At the party a phew of my bullies started asking me where my mum was and then this happened;

'I saw her walking into 'The Fox's', think she's gone for another pint or was it brandy she drank? I can't remember...but your Mums a waste of space here in this village! So are you Jennifer! Why don't you just leave! Nobody loves you!!' Isabella spluttered. At this point all the adults were in the kitchen having some tea and biscuits. Isabella was right, it did seem like nobody loved her behind all this hatred.

'You're wrong Isabella! I love her, I love her with all my heart!' Came a voice from besides me, it was Mason's.

'Ohhh look he loves her, shame his parents don't love him, I mean his Dad ditched him and his Mum hates him so much she wants to die...how dreadful?'she replied sarcastically.

'I love her too' came Ainsley's voice.

'And so do I, I love Jennifer!' Nate backed Ainsley's statement.

'We love her, you're clearly lying Isabella! She is loved, she's loved with all of our hearts, no matter what, not matter what the situation it! We will always love her!' Mason and Ainsley stated.


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