What happens when your best friends fall for you? Are you going to accept the love triangle? Will it all demolish you friendships? Will there be jealousy?
Read to find out

Fan Fiction of Nathaniel K Garner
A Pumanana02 Original
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2. 7 Years later

It's been seven years now.

I no longer live with both of my parents. My Dad won custody over me four years ago. Two years later my mum committed suicide, I can't help but feel guilty for her death. If I still lived with her it wouldn't have happened, maybe she would've gotten better, maybe she would've gotten less suicidal.

My Dad tried so hard so he could develop a stable home for me. Around the time of my mums death he had a job as a journalist. It wasn't a good job it was one for a little company, in a tiny town with very little people living there, most of the families were farmers around the area. Eventually he had a promotion and then another. Since mums death he's had at least four promotions, at least one every year.

Apart from the fact that my friends and I have gotten closer and closer over the past seven years, there's nothing much I can say.


I know there's barely anything in this chapter and I'm really sorry that it's short but I promise K'll make them longer.

Thank you all for reading, 'till next time (possibly a couple days) Enjoy!! ~P

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