Another Salvatore

Laura Salvatore is Stefan and Damon's younger sister, they thought that she died in 1864. What happens when Laura returns to Mystic Falls
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2. The Return to Mystic Falls


So here I am in Mystic Falls, I needed to find out where Stefan was living first tho, so I decided that I would enter a place called "The Grill".

As I walked in I saw lots of people talking to each other, some were playing pool and others were eating and drinking. I choose a seat in the middle of the restaurant and picked up a drinks menu. "How can I help you, my name is Mat and I will be your waiter today". Matt was tall with brown hair, he only looked about 17. " I will just have a soda please," I told him. The guy called Matt looked at me " I don't think I've seen you before are you new in town" he asked me " Yeah I'm trying to find the location of my brother Stefan Salvatore do you know where I could find him". Matt looked shocked for a moment "Stefan's your brother? We'll he only moved in the boarding house at the edge of town the other day. I expect you will be coming to school then".

Oh, school what would I do about that, I knew I had to go because I only looked like I was 16 years old. "I'm not sure whether I'm staying yet, just passing through and heard that Stefan was here. I must be on my way now it was nice talking to you." I paid for my drink grabbed my bag and walked out the grill. Out of the blue, a young girl came around the Conner and bumped into my arm, I looked up in shock. " I'm so sorry I did not mean that". The girl looked like Katherine. "Katherine, how are you alive," I asked," I am Elena Gilbert I think you have the wrong person". How could this girl look so much like Katherine from 1864 I thought to myself. "Oh, I am sorry you looked like someone I knew."

I walked off to find the boarding house.

When I got there I knocked on the door. Only to find that it was open. Who would leave their front door open?

I pushed open and tried to walk in but couldn't. There must be a human living with Stefan. "Stefan are you home" I called. A man arrived at the door and I could tell that he was human. "Dose Stefan Salvatore live here," I asked looking at the man " yes he does but I know what you are so I won't invite you in". I then saw Stefan standing there with a shocked face, he looked the same as he had in 1864 but so did I. "Laura how are you even alive I thought you would of passed on by now and how did you become a vampire, no one gave you vampire blood that I knew of" he turned to the man at the door "Zach invite Laura in she's my long lost sister and we have catching up to do". Zach let me in the house and Stefan got a bottle of whiskey and we went and sat in the lounge. "Do you want some Laura" Stefan asked me, technically I'm too young to drink alcohol but since I'm a vampire it helps curb the cravings. I nodded.

" So Laura we have a lot to catch up on. What have you been up to since the last time we saw each other"

" Not much really just wondering the world, I saw Damon I'm the 70s, he didn't see me tho. He was too busy flirting with a girl. Speaking of girls have you seen the Katherine look alike".

Stefan looked at me "oh you mean Elena, she's sweet and kind nothing like Katherine. I'm sure you will meet her soon. Let me show you to your room". What had gotten into Stefan recently and how does he already know Elena.

Stefan led me upstairs to a room that had pale pink walls and a bed in it. "I will leave you to settle in but remember you will be coming to school tomorrow." Great, I thought to myself, why did I have to go to school, after all, it was lame and boring. I put my nightdress on and fell to sleep.



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