Another Salvatore

Laura Salvatore is Stefan and Damon's younger sister, they thought that she died in 1864. What happens when Laura returns to Mystic Falls
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6. The comet and brother problems

Damon's return had been hard on both Stefan and me, for one we had to make sure Elena was safe and the other was because Damon was annoying us.

I was sitting in History class listing to Tanner going on about the comet, there was going to be a big celebration in the town square tonight and everyone one was going including Damon. I don't see why Damon has to be the way he is. "Laura is something distracting you outside". I did not release that I had lost focus "nope everything is fine Sir". He continued on with his speech about the comet. "Now the comet will be at its brightest during tonight's celebrations". I zoned out for the rest of the lesion.

When the class was over I saw Jeremy by his locker "hey, you going to the comet celebrations tonight" I asked him "Yeah, Stefan said that I should go, I've been having a bit of a rough day" Jeremy closed his locker "I guess I will see you around" I waved goodbye and went to meet Stefan.

"Laura I overheard Matt saying that Vickie was attacked by a vampire, we can't just leave it and I'm not sure my compulsion will work, would you be willing to do it for me". I nodded and we went to the hospital and I made Vickie believe that an animal had attacked her, but we then had to quickly leave because Matt came along and followed as so we both hid in hid in a room which soon turned out to be the blood transfusion room, Stefan and I made a quick escape through an open window and we went back to the parking lot.

Stefan dropped me off and then went out on his own.

I was just about to sit down and start my homework when the doorbell went, of course, Damon got to it first, I stood at the top of the stairs and listened.

Elena: "is Stefan home"

Damon: "I'm sure he will be along in just a second, you can come in if you like"

Elena: "I've never been in this house before it's so different, but I like it"

Damon: "it's not to my taste if you ask me it's too old fashioned for my taste". "By the way, I'm Damon, Stefan and Laura's brother"

Elena: "They never told me that they had a brother"

Damon: "well Stefan and Laura are not ones to brag, speaking of which did he tell you about his ex-girlfriend"

Elena: "nope he hasn't gone there yet"

Damon: "well I'm sure it will come up sooner or later then. Hello, Stefan."

I made this my queue to come down and sort things out. Elena looked at me "I didn't know you were home Laura"

I couldn't say much because Damon and Stefan were looking at each other. "Elena I didn't know you were coming by"

"I know I should have called, anyway I better be going know". Damon blocked her path "nonsense your welcome anytime, isn't she Stefan". Damon gracefully picked up her and kissed it, which really made Stefan mad. Elena left the house

"How long was she her" I heard Stefan ask. Damon just skipped the question "she's got spunk, you, on the other hand, don't look so good, let me guess hospital" Stefan moved closer to Damon "someone had to clean up your mess"

Damon just laughed "did it work, your powers of persuasion, you know what happens if you don't feed properly"

I then walked up to Damon "just to let you know I was the one who did it.

A few hours later I was dressed and ready for the comet celebrations.

When Stefan and I arrived in the town square Elena and Bonnie came other to us "we got you a candle each" they said as they lit them, Elena lit Stefan's and Bonnie did mine.

"Laura you didn't tell me that Damon was coming," Stefan said as he walked off, causing my candle to flicker and go out. I was just about to go after him when Jeremy came up to me "hey beautiful" he said as he re-lit my candle.

"I thought you were not coming," I told him as we walked into the grill and we both ordered a coke to drink. "Yeah I know, Elena told me that you was going and I also wanted to spend time with you, as you are one of the most interesting girls I have ever known". A warm feeling went through me as he touched my hand.

Matt then walked into the grill, he seemed worried about something as he came up to us "you haven't seen my sister Vickie have you, she went missing about an hour ago I've been looking for her ever since".

"Sure Matt we will tell you if we see her". If Vickie was missing then that meant Damon had gotten to her and who knows what he was doing with her. I had to find Stefan. "Sorry, Jer I have to find my brother" I walked off before he could say anything.

Stefan was standing outside the grill like he had been waiting for me "Elena's gone home and Matt said that Vickie is missing"

"I heard about that, I think that Damon has her," I told Stefan.

Just then I could hear someone screaming, it sounded so faint that only mine and Stefan's ears picked it up, I know at once who it was.

"That's impressive, have you been eating bunnies," Damon said to Stefan as we arrived on the rooftop. Damon was hanging on to Vickie, "let her go Damon"

"If you wish," Damon said as he tried to push Vickie of the roof.

"No," Stefan and I both said at the same time but Damon was already on to something else a much more dangerous part.

"What attacked you"

"An animal, I can't remember anything else". Of course, she couldn't I made her forgot. There was no way that she would be able to remember.

"Wrong, think real hard what attacked you" Damon was clearly trying to trigger her memory.

"Vampire," Vickie said

"Stefan Salvatore did this to you" Damon compelled her.

Damon then ripped Vickie's plaster of her cut exposing her open wound that was still bleeding. I could see that Stefan was trying to control himself but Damon pushed her into Stefan's arms.

"Are you trying to expose me to the townspeople, if this your plan is" Stefan hissed at Damon.

"No, I want you to remember who you are". Damon was trying to tease Stefan and in my opinion, it was working. 

"What so I will feed? so ill kill? So I will remember what it's like to be brothers again? You know what let her go, let her tell everyone that vampires have come back to mystic falls. Let them chain me up and stake me through the heart because at least I will be free of you. By the way, if you do that it won't be long before people find out what you are" 

Vickie started to wake up and looked at the three of us blankly as if she did not know what was going on. "No," Vickie said in a panic looking like she was about to screen but Damon grabbed her and said something the I could not hear. Instantly she calmed down, put her hand to her neck and saw that it was wet with blood from where Damon had fed on her. 

"What happened? where am I? oh dam I ripped my stitches open, sorry" 

"You OK" Stefan and I looked at Vickie in concern. 

"I took some pills man I'm good," Vickie said in a way that made me think she was high. 

I left the roof to take Vickie back to Matt but I could still faintly hear Stefan and Damon talking to each other, well mainly Damon trying to get under Stefan's skin. 

"It's good to be home, think I might stay awhile, this town really needs a wake-up call" 

"That's for me to know and you to dot, dot, dot." I took Matt back to Vickie and went back home, Stefan told me he was going to see Elena. 



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