Another Salvatore

Laura Salvatore is Stefan and Damon's younger sister, they thought that she died in 1864. What happens when Laura returns to Mystic Falls
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4. Back to School Party

When I got home from school I was in a happy mood. " Laura you seem very happy did something happen today," Stefan asked me when I walked into the kitchen. "Oh I am happy, Jeremy asked me to join him for dinner at the grill tonight".

" Do you mean Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's little brother."? I nodded at Stefan.

I then went to my room to get ready for tonight, when I came back downstairs I poured myself a glass of Blood and quickly drunk it, feeling a lot better now I wasn't hungry.

"You look nice," Stefan said as he came back into the kitchen, I was wearing a black dress and tights with high hills; I also had a clutch bag from France. "Thank you, Stefan, do you have any plans for tonight"

"I am going to the back to school party at the falls, I thought that you were going as well". Damn, I thought to myself and pulled my phone out to text Jeremy and change our plans.

It's the back to school party tonight, meet you there in an hour. Laura xx

Jeremy texts back, yeah sure I will see u there.

Zach came in with a newspaper in his hand and threw it on the side " You promised Stefan". I glanced at the newspaper; the title read " animal attack, two people found dead".

"Stefan didn't do this, he doesn't drink human blood and I only drink from willing donors".

Zach looked at me with a look that said I was lying "I know how you cover it up, they always suspect an animal attack, things are different now Uncle Stefan and they have been for years, but there could be some people who still remember"

Stefan looked as if he did not what to say. "Where did you expect me to go, I came back to get to know Elena more and Laura come back because she wanted to see me."

Zach looked at as both "I can't tell you where to go but coming back was a mistake and you will see that" he left the room.

"Let's go to the falls Stefan".

When I arrived with Stefan, the blonde girl called Caroline can up to us, "Stefan you came" she said sounding very excited. I nudged Stefan. " I'm going to find Jeremy, see you later"

I found Jeremy at the back near the forest, but he was with another girl. I was so upset. "Jeremy I thought that you were single and then I find you hanging around with some other girl," I said and stormed off before things got worse. I found Stefan with Elena.

" Stefan I think I'm going to head home now, Jeremy lied to me and is with some other girl."

Just as I was leaving Jeremy came up to me " Laura it's not what it looks like she's just a friend, the only person I have ever been interested in is you" and with that he pecked a kiss on my cheek. I felt warm inside and completely in love with him.

"Somebody help" I heard Elena screen, then I smelt it, blood.

I recognized her as the girl Jeremy was with, she had a cut on her neck. It looked like a vampire had done this. I wasn't me or Stefan and I knew that for sure.

" Laura we have to go" I heard Stefan say as we took off towards the house. When we got home we bumped right into Zach, "is everything ok" he asked us

"Someone else was attacked and it was not us" I spoke for Stefan.

We went up to Stefan's room. "Who could have done this".

"Damon!" Stefan said and on queue, he appeared.

"Hello brother and Laura what are you doing alive, I thought you would have been dead by know" Damon laughed.

Stefan looked tensed, clearing trying to rein in his temper. "Why did you come back, I told you I never wanted to see you again."

"We'll I couldn't miss your first day of school could I, your hair looks better, I could not stand another day of the 90s and I missed my little brother". Damon touched the photo of Stefan that was on his cabinet.

"You do know you left that girl alive tonight" I was not happy with Damon how could he come back home and almost kill a poor innocent girl.

"That could be a problem for you two, the last time I saw you and Laura you were not drinking human blood" Damon looked at me, I really did think that Damon would change.

"I've changed anyway, that's not for you to worry about," I said clearly trying to get Damon to leave me out of this.

Damon knew what I was talking about but he still teased Stefan.

"When was the last time you had something stronger than a squirrel, think of all the power you could have, we could be brothers again"

"I know what you're doing Damon and it's not going to work, now tell me what are you doing here". Stefan asked Damon, I knew what Damon was trying to do and so far it was not working.

"I could ask you the same thing and I'm pretty sure the answer would be one word, Elena, she's a dead ringer of Katherine"

"Elena is not Katherine, she nothing like her" Stefan said, trying to prove a point. "Don't you crave a little, come on Stefan you know you want it" Damon joked, but Stefan did not seem too pleased.

Stefan and Damon started to fight with each other

"Let's just go straight for Elena"

"Stop it, Damon," I say.

"Imagine what her blood tastes like"

I saw Stefan's face change, his eyes went blood red and tiny little black veins appeared on his face. With his fangs showing he lunged his self at Damon.

"I SAID STOP," Stefan said as he and Damon went flying out of the window, I followed, landing softly on the ground below.

Damon was already standing up; Stefan was still on the floor with a cut on his face " you ok Stefan"

Before I could say anything else Damon came over "where's your ring Stefan, the sun will be up in a few hours and poof ashes to ashes, don't worry it's right her" Damon handed Stefan back his ring and Stefan put it back him, Damon then grabbed him with fangs and red eyes on display and throw him.

Damon walked off as I rushed over to Stefan. "What is Damon doing here?"

"Think we woke Zach up," Damon said as he walked back inside.

I went back inside and opened my little notebook where I wrote down all my thoughts

"There must be some kindness and care left inside of Damon, he could not have become a monster, even Stefan in his worst time found his humanity again"

I put on my red and blue PJ's and went to bed

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