The "Normal" girl

The Story is about a girl named Malia, she meets this guy named Cayne and when they met Malia's world got turned upside down.

When Cayne and Malia is going to the movie Cayne notices that a car wich had been following them also had stopped at the Movies and was getting nervous, that they wanted something either from him or her.

Malia then finds out that she is not just a human that she actually have supernaturel powers, and that she is a rare kind of supernatural creature (Phoenix), that means Hunters will be looking for her, she wont know who to trust an who not to.

She also finds out that her father is trying very hard to get contact with her to become her father, and make sure that she is safe. Cayne is also a supernatural, he's not that rare because he is just a werewolf (Alpha) trying to find a pack wich can help him protect Malia.


3. The Movie

Sunday morning i woke up at 9 AM by the sound of my phone, it was a text from Shean "Hi Malia me Emma, Lukas and some other people from school are having a party tonight wanna come" it said "Sorry can't" i texted him "Why not" He replied in an instant "I have a "date" with Cayne" I explained "Who is Cayne" he asked "Cayne is the new boy in class" I replied. minutes went past and Shean didn't text me back i wondered why it wasn't like him to do that.


An hour before Cayne came i jumped in bath, found some nice clothes and put on a bit of maskarre. It had been a long day since my foster family was out of town i had to ride all the horese, luckily there was only 5 right now. When Cayne came in the driveway and stopped the car i opened the door to the passenger seat and sat, and i saw the beautiful crooked smile, i loved it.

Cayne's P.O.V

I smiled as Malia jumped in the car beside me. It felt like we had droven just 10 minutes or so when we pulled up outside of the Movies. But before we went in i noticed a car that i had noticed while we drove, it was like it had been following us, i couldn't see the driver. I didn't want to make a fuss over it so i just followed Malia in, we grapped our tickits and found our seats.

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